Zenfone 5Z brings flagship performance, with the same autonomy as your less powerful brother

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TodoCelular has already checked everything Zenfone 5 has to offer . Now is the time to look at the potential of the most powerful model, the Zenfone 5Z . Both offer the same power capacity, being 3,300 mAh. What changes is the Qualcomm chipset, with Snapdragon 636 in the middle and Snapdragon 845 in the most powerful.

In theory, the Zenfone 5Z should yield less, as it has stronger hardware, which should have a higher consumption. The good news, however, is that the supplied charger is more powerful than the 10W that came with the Zenfone 5 , which makes the flagship less time- consuming

What we have seen in practice is that Qualcomm’s good optimization with its more robust chipset outweighs the gain in performance, leaving both versions of the ASUS device on an equal footing in terms of battery life. Check below in detail how it worked out in terms of performance.


The chart above details the results achieved in the specific video playback, video recording and video call tests by Skype, as well as showing the estimated play time, recharge time, and what we achieved in our actual use test.

In the latter case, we run app execution cycles until the battery runs out, using:

  • 6 minutes browsing on the All Mobile website using Chrome, videos on YouTube, video on MX Player, streaming on Spotify, offline music on PowerAMP, WhatsApp and games;
  • 4 minutes of calls;
  • 2 minutes from Facebook, Gmail and Google Maps.

After a full day of testing, we came up with the following results:

  • It took 1 hour and 24 minutes for the standard 18W charger from Asus to fully fill the 3,300 mAh battery of the Zenfone 5Z.
  • After 14 hours and 7 minutes, the device ended the test cycles with a balance of only 1% remaining energy.
  • The smartphone completed a total of 7 hours and 11 minutes with the display turned on during the test.
  • We performed 10 complete cycles of tests, which included:
    • 60 minutes browsing in Chrome;
    • 300 minutes of WhatsApp, Spotify, PowerAmp (offline music), MX Player (video) and YouTube (60 minutes each);
    • 60 minutes of games (Pokémon Go, Subway Surfers, Candy Crush, Modern Combat 5, Injustice and Asphalt 8);
    • 60 minutes of Facebook, Gmail and Google Maps (20 minutes each);
    • 40 minutes of voice calls connected to mobile networks;
  • The application that consumed the most battery was the Dialer;
  • The least-devouring app was PowerAMP.
Practical performance

Our practical speed test consists of opening 12 applications and then reopening them, seeking to demonstrate not only agility and fluidity when switching between apps, but also the ability of the system to manage all processes running in the background. Here we have Clock, Camera, Gallery, Settings, WhatsApp, Facebook, Chrome, Netflix, Spotify, Photoshop Mix, Pokémon Go and Asphalt 8.

Around here Zenfone 5Z behaved like a true flagship, needing only 44 seconds to open all applications and another 15 seconds to bring them back to the screen, which left us with a total time of 59 seconds. It is worth noting that the model was used with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage, and it is possible that we have a slightly better time with the fuller version or slightly lower with the cheaper variant.


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Zenfone 5Z comes with the powerful Snapdragon 845. In our speed test, it took less than a minute to open and reopen all applications and games. It’s a considerable time difference compared to Zenfone 5, but there are faster flagships on the market.

In benchmarks we have high scores, especially when Turbo mode is on. It forces the hardware to extract maximum performance from the processor, but ends up devouring more battery.

In numbers, we had:

  • AnTuTu: 265,083 points
  • GeekBench: 2.436 / 8.959 / 13.872 points
  • 3D Mark: 4.652 / 3.732 points
  • GFXBench: 59 fps in Manhattan and 60 fps in T-Rex

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In games, the Zenfone 5Z also does very well. He ran all tested titles with great fluidity, including PUBG Mobile. The difference in performance is not very big compared to the cheaper model, but for those who want to play with the best flow for a few years worth the investment in Zenfone 5Z.

Game FPS CPU GPU Memory
Asphalt 8 29 3% 648 MB
Clash Royale 59 2% 551 MB
Injustice 2 30 4% 719 MB
Modern Combat 5 60 3% 592 MB
PUBG Mobile 30 9% 856 MB
Subway Surfers 60 4% 348 MB
Vainglory 60 3% 566 MB

Autonomy with games was interesting for a top-of-the-line model, and it is possible to enjoy even heavier titles with an average of approximately 5 and a half hours of gameplay, which should be enough to pass the time or be distracted by friends.

The Zenfone 5Z features the powerful Snapdragon 845, powered by a 3,300 mAh battery. This capacity was enough to keep the device 14h away from the power outlet. He ended up drawing not only with his less powerful brother, Zenfone 5, but also with the main flagships of the market: Galaxy S9 , iPhone X and LG G7 ThinQ .

It is good to remember that the ASUS smartphone relies on power management aided by Artificial Intelligence. The company promises that over time, the autonomy gets even better. The wizard learns the habits of the user to optimize the features of the device and cuts unnecessary consumption.

Unfortunately, this is not the type of behavior that can be simulated in our test, since each user has a standard of use, so it may be that your device achieves a slightly better or worse autonomy than ours after “learning” with your habits .

In terms of performance, there’s nothing to complain about Zenfone 5Z, being able to run absolutely all apps and games in the store with mastery, and should remain so for a long time. Its practical performance is superior to what we find in much more expensive rival flagships, such as Galaxy S9 and iPhone 8 , demonstrating the great value for money delivered by ASUS.

So what did you think of Zenfone 5Z? Is it worth the $ 2,900 charged at the official ASUS store? Do not forget to comment below!

How to buy on GearBest

In addition to being officially available in Brazil, the Zenfone 5Z can also be found on GearBest for interesting figures, including a version with 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage that is not found on national soil. The store accepts installment in the card and counts with sending facilitated to our country, simply accessing the link corresponding to the desired version below:

  • ASUS Zenfone 5Z Global 6GB / 64GB – US $ 1,109.99
  • ASUS Zenfone 5Z Global 8GB / 256GB – R $ 3,740.06

Transmission closed!

8/22/2018 – 07.21 
We thank everyone who accompanied the test with the Cell TodoCelular and until next time.

8/22/2018 – 07.20 
Android Oreo did not pass the consumption data correctly to the GSam Battery, as can be seen below. We will post the official values ​​passed by ZenUI in the conclusion just above.

8/22/2018 – 07.18Test finished with Zenfone 5Z. We had a total of 14 hours and 7 minutes of use with 7 hours and 11 minutes of connected screen, which puts it on the same level as the Zenfone 5. Both offer 3.300 mAh with the same screen of 6.2 FHD +, but before the processor more powerful than 5Z, it was really amazing to see the flagship render the same as the intermediate version of Asus. 

8/22/2018 – 06.48Zenfone 5Z issues its second low battery warning. We are near the end. 

8/22/2018 – 06.11 
We’re back … we have 10% now.

8/22/2018 – 05.44 
We will leave the unit stopped for 30 minutes and then we will return with our test.

8/22/2018 – 05.42Consumption increased in the final stretch. The ninth cycle devoured more battery than the previous ones, leaving the Zenfone 5Z with only 11% for the next, and possibly last, round. 

8/22/2018 – 05.28 
Zenfone 5Z has issued its first low battery warning.

8/22/2018 – 04.45 
We started the ninth cycle with 22% battery.

8/22/2018 – 04.11 
In 30 minutes we returned to cycle number 9.

8/22/2018 – 04.10We’re nearing the end of our drum test with the Zenfone 5Z. We only have 23% more toasting, which indicates that the appliance should yield three more cycles at most. 

8/22/2018 – 03.37 
We have already started the eighth cycle … Zenfone 5Z continues with 31% battery.

8/22/2018 – 02.41 
We’ll take a 30 minute break and then we’ll go back to the eighth cycle.

8/22/2018 – 02.40Another round completed in our test. The Zenfone 5Z still has 35% remaining battery power to toast until the end of the day. We have 9h37 test with 4h36 of screen connected. Will he outgrow Zenfone 5? 

8/22/2018 – 01.43 
We came back with 44% battery. Starting the seventh cycle.

8/22/2018 – 01.16 
Soon we will return with one more round.

8/22/2018 – 01.15Sixth cycle terminated with 45% remaining battery. The Zenfone 5Z is doing well, considering it has more firepower than the Zenfone 5, but it has the same battery. So far we have 8:10 test with 3h56 of screen connected. 

8/22/2018 – 00.16 
We’re back … starting the sixth cycle with Zenfone 5Z.

8/21/2018 – 23.45 
After another 30 minute interval we will return with cycle number 6.

8/21/2018 – 23.45Another cycle closed. Now we have 54% of battery left. If you continue at this pace the Zenfone 5Z will tie with the Zenfone 5 in autonomy. We have 6h41 test and 3h18 of screen connected. Above we have the signal graphic of Claro’s 4G network. Early in the morning I was weaker, but this afternoon the signal improved. 

8/18/2018 – 23.24Have you checked our hands-on with the most basic models of the Zenfone 5 family?

8/18/2018 – 22.46 
We came back with 64% battery. Starting the fifth cycle in our test.

8/18/2018 – 22.18 
Soon we will return to the fifth cycle in our test with Zenfone 5Z.

8/18/2018 – 22.17We reached the end of the fourth cycle with 65% remaining battery. At the moment we have 5h13 of test with 2h36h of connected screen. Android Oreo is not correctly reporting the usage of each app. Spotify follows at the top from the beginning of the battery test. 

8/18/2018 – 21.19 
Ready for another round? We came back with 73% battery.

8/18/2018 – 20:51 
We’ll be back in 30 minutes for the fourth cycle.

8/18/2018 – 20:51Third cycle ended in our battery test. Zenfone 5Z continues with the remaining 74%. So far we have 3h47 use with 1h57 of screen attached. Oreo’s power manager is not reporting battery usage per app. We just see Spotify appear on the list. 

8/18/2018 – 20.37 
Remembering that Zenfone 5Z has turbo mode to force Snapdragon 845 and extract more performance. We have this mode disabled, as it comes by default.

8/18/2018 – 20.36Modern Combat 5 running smoothly at 60 fps on the Zenfone 5Z. The Asus smartphone also managed to keep the game open from the start of our battery test. 

8/18/2018 – 19:53 
We returned to the third cycle … Zenfone 5Z lost 1% in the second half. Now we have 82% left.

8/18/2018 – 19.25 
After 30 minutes of interval we will return with the third cycle.

8/18/2018 – 19.25Second cycle closed with 83% remaining battery. We have 2h20 test with 1h18 of screen connected. The smartphone is connected to Claro’s 4G network and has a reasonable signal strength. The temperature is on the average of 36 ° C, slightly above that recorded in the previous round. 

8/21/2018 – 19.05The analyzed model has 6 GB of RAM. He managed to keep some games open from the previous round, but Injustice was reloaded. 

8/18/2018 – 18.26 
We’re back with 91% battery … starting the second cycle.

8/18/2018 – 17:59 
We will leave the Zenfone 5Z stopped for 30 minutes to see the standby consumption. Soon we will return to the second cycle.

8/18/2018 – 17:58We reached the end of the first cycle with 92% remaining battery. If the Zenfone 5Z maintains this consumption, it can surpass the Zenfone 5 that has the same battery. In the consumer list of GSam Battery, the biggest drum devourer for now is Spotify. The battery temperature is below 35 ° C, which is very good. 

8/18/2018 – 17.41Asphalt 8 runs smoothly on Zenfone 5Z, but we also had no problems with that game on Zenfone 5. 

8/18/2018 – 17.03 
The brightness was set at 200 lux (using a luxmeter), which equates to something close to 50% in the 5Z brightness bar.

8/21/2018 – 17.01 
And here we go … we took the Zenfone 5Z out of the wall socket.

8/18/2018 – 16:54 
Battery fully recharged … in a few minutes we will begin our test.

8/18/2018 – 16:54
8/18/2018 – 16:51 
Good morning, fans of the Zenfone line. Animated to accompany the battery test with the 5Z?

The Asus ZenFone 5Z is available at Extra for R $ 2,551 . The cost-benefit is average but this is the best model in this price range . To see the other 12 offers click here 



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