W2019 arriving: Samsung is about to launch another smartphone with flip, accuses leaked firmware

Who thought flip phones were a thing of the past, think again; we have seen in recent years that Samsung is among the manufacturers that continues to launch smartphones with this feature in some markets.

And by the looks of it, South Korea’s next model will soon be officially in China. What indicates its imminent arrival is the W2019ZCU0ARI1 firmware leaked to the W2019 model .

If the company chooses to follow the pattern of last year, the model must have two screens of 4.2 “Full HD, USB-C connection, key dedicated to Bixby, and hardware similar to Galaxy S9 

We are talking about a model that must rely on chipset Snapdragon 845 and 6 GB of RAM – plus the presence of dual-camera on the back .

As the demand for this smartphone format is very specific to the Chinese market, we will hardly see the model coming to other markets.

In other words, interested parties should appeal to the good old import, adding in addition to the fees the unwanted Postal Office , a fee of $ 15 that began to be charged from 08/27 to all international parcels, whether they are taxed or not .



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