September 20, 2018

Volleyball, European Under-19 Women’s: Italy-Russia 3-2

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Extraordinary undertaking for the girls of Bellano who, 2-0 in the final, reassert until the tiebreak success that is worth the gold. Top scorer of the match the opposite Battista with 22 points

A phase of the final of the European Under 19 Italy-Russia

A phase of the final of the European Under 19 Italy-Russia

ITALY-RUSSIA 3-2 (24-26, 18-25, 26-24, 25-22, 15-9) – After a perfect tournament with 5 victories in the group (only 2 sets allowed) and the semi-final success on Turkey (3-1) Bellano’s Italy surpassed Russia with an extraordinary comeback. Under 2-0 in the calculation of the set the terrible blue rivar up to the gold with Battista top scorer with 22 points.
THE MATCH – Azzurre with Morello in directing, Battista opposite, Omoruyi and Populini crushers, Fahr and Kone central, Panetoni free. And Italy begins well the 1st set remaining ahead for all the partial: 8-4, 15-11, 20-17 before Russia catches the opponents on 23-23, cancel a set point on 24-23 and close 24-26. In the 2nd partial Populini and companions immediately undergo a heavy partial (6-1) and never manage to return by raising the white flag on 25-18. 
In the third part all expect the surrender of Italy that instead pulls out the nails with Valeria Battista unleashed (will close with 22 points) and reopen the match by driving throughout the set: 12-9, 19-13. In the final they overtake by conceding 2 match points on the 24-22 that cancel before finding the strength for 26-24. Injection of fundamental trust. In the 4th part they take the initial 8-5 but recover and fly until 18-12. 
All the energies spent on the impossible comeback make the bluffs reach the tiebreak without gasoline in the engine and after the illusion 2-0 must chase until 8-8. New blue tear for 13-8. The end credits for the gold festival arrive on 15-9.


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