September 23, 2018

Volley, Mondiali, is immediately a party, Italy-Japan 3-0

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Super debut for the National Volleyball World Championships: party in front of 11.170 spectators. To also support the president Mattarella. Before the start the jerseys for champions of the past and then also the Sitting Volley and the National Sorde

The president Mattarella in the stands with the president of Coni, Giovanni Malagò. Handle

The president Mattarella in the stands with the president of Coni, Giovanni Malagò. Handle

Goose skin outside and inside the Foro Italico. At the Tennis Bar, the federation, with Fipav and Dhl (main sponsor of the National team) has gathered almost all the players who have won the World Cup with the blue shirt: the champions of the Generation of the Fenomeni of the Velasco team, while a few meters away from the early hours of the afternoon hundreds of girls and girls (but also many moms and dads) have lined up to not miss even a joke of this unforgettable day of volleyball not only Italian, but even World, for this World
Championship co organized by Italy and Bulgaria. Everything is volleyball: from the National deaf silver medalist at the Olympics a year ago, to the national team that won the fourth place at the World Championships (there was a stand to do it right outside the tennis stadium). The day ends in the best way for the fans and the blue colors, the party is completed on the field by the clear affirmation of the Italian team that keeps the tension in check and surpasses in the clearest way Japan.
IT BEGINS – At 19.30 the start of the match between Azzurri and Japan (with the President of the Republic Mattarella). With Osmany Juantorena, who says “It’s really beautiful, but the ball goes where it wants …”.
Attack in the first half by Anzani

Attack in the first half by Anzani

THE FIRST SET – As widely imagined the ball weighs heavily on the blue field. In the first 15 points of Japan there are 8 blue errors between beaten out and balls out. But the public does not abandon the blues – rather doubles the applause -. The Azzurri maintain a break of advantage, but the Japanese with Ishikawa (now a veteran Superlega, will play in Siena) remain in the wake. Until Italy fails to take the hand of the fraction, between a ola and a tricolor waving (even the forum authority participates). The blue melts and goes to get the first set: 25-20.
Spectacular glance at the Italic Forum. Fama

Spectacular glance at the Italic Forum. Fama

SECOND SET – After a first set in which all the blues have monstrous attack percentages (80% of the team), in the second set Italy is further melted, despite the Japanese director Sekita trying to better unlearn his teammates. The blue takes the step: and always maintains two points of advantage on the Orientals who have a colorful (though sparse) representation of fans. 
Giannelli continues to vary his game, trying to keep in the game also the power stations (12-10). While the collection of the tender is notified (269.471 thousand euros, for 11.170 spectators). The lights of the mobile phones light up, while Italy is firmly holding the fraction: it finishes 25-21.
THIRD SET – Japan is not going to be the sacrificial victim in this inaugural race of this World Cup (while Mattarella also agitates the phone with the light on, like all the audience!) And up to the tenth point the Japanese are ahead. But Italy regains control of operations and signs overtaking 12-10. The Italic Forum exploded when Ivan Zaytsev signed the point of 15-13 with an ace. 
A wall of the same Zaytsev (with Anzani) gives decisive push to the third fraction, even if Japan does not give up to the last point (it is reported under 22-21). However, the blue flies and conquers an important first victory (25-23). From tomorrow it will be in Florence where Thursday is expected from the second round of the first phase. At 9.15 pm there is Andrea Anastasi’s Belgium.
THE COACH – – «Thank you Rome, thank you very much. Tonight was a great emotion. The first game is always a bit ‘special and play here, with this heat has been doubly exciting. Now forward ». So Gianlorenzo Blengini, after the victorious debut against Japan. “What should I tell you? All roads lead to Rome, but we left and I think that with your warmth we will reach the top, “added Ivan Zaytsev


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