September 22, 2018

Us Open U18, Musetti Wild’s dream fades: trophy: 6-1 2-6 6-2

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The 16 year old Carrara overturns the bad start by imposing until 2-0 of the third set, then the Brazilian square 6 games in a row. For the blue, a starting point and a tournament to remember

From the left Thiago Seyboth Wild, 18, with Lorenzo Musetti, 16 TONELLI

From the left Thiago Seyboth Wild, 18, with Lorenzo Musetti, 16 TONELLI

The dream of winning a Slam went off when Lorenzo Musetti took the lead 2-0 and served in the third set. After releasing the first partial in 18 minutes and suddenly overturned the game in the second. It is there, when the inertia of the comparison seems all on the side of the 16 year old from Carrara, that the Brazilian Thiago Seyboth Wild begins a series of six consecutive games that gives him the title of the US Open under 18: 6-1 2-6 6- 2 the score of three very fast fractions, one hour and 18 minutes in total, on the Louis Armstrong cement.
UNDERDOG – was favored and not trivial, the South American 18 year-old, who is already number 464 ATP, won a couple of Futures and has also found a way to beat someone like the Chilean Nicolas Jarry, now No. 42 in the ATP. Yet Musetti, two years younger than his rival, did not give up. Not even when, after less than twenty minutes, his opponent seemed ready to raise the trophy. Just at that moment we saw one of the strengths of the Tuscan player: the ability to resist even in complicated situations, finding with a little imagination a tennis player able to shuffle the cards to those who always play everything in the same way. Like Seyboth Wild, who perhaps will become a good professional (and in the end already is) but who does not have the talent of the boy of Carrara.
WEIGHT – In a challenge that seemed to face a heavyweight (the Brazilian) and a featherweight (the blue), Musetti was able to find confidence and shots in the start of a partial second, winning a break in the sixth game that has demoralized not little his opponent. Who appeared in the grip of an evident crisis when he saw that the Italian managed to do everything better than him, and that he was not at all bothered by his heavy blows. Lorenzo played on a cloud up to 6-2 and 2-0 on the third, but on 15-15 a splendid lob from the South American after a perfect exchange has probably changed for the umpteenth time the inertia of the match. From that moment the trust, so important among the young people, resumed the road of Brazil, and Musetti slowly died out. Disappointed for the missed opportunity and with some shots flown away along with the break that paved the way to Seyboth Wild. Winner of a Major among young people on his last attempt. On the other hand, there will be many more Musetti, which comes out this week with a singles final and a double semifinal, next to Giulio Zeppieri. A Us Open to remember, which will be an excellent starting point to work on to build a valuable professional.


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