Until you, Xiaomi ?! Photo used to promote the Pocophone was taken with another device

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It is not today that smartphone manufacturers get involved in controversy when it comes to the release of the cameras that equip their devices. Since 2012, we see some companies having to explain themselves (and apologize) for having lied to their consumers. Among these, we can cite four classic cases that have since taken the news:

  1. Nokia used professional footage to market the Lumia 920 camera in 2012
  2. Huawei, who used a Canon 5D Mark III to advertise the Huawei P9 camera in 2016.
  3. The Samsung who bought a picture on a bench of professional images for the release of the Galaxy A8 and
  4. Again to Huawei , with the release of Nova 3 .

After so many cases, it was to be expected that the brands would take a little more care in publicizing their advertising and social networking photos, correct? Wrong!

This time, a brand that until then had not been through this list also decided to use similar devices similar to its previous competitors, Xiaomi.

The photo in question was released by the brand’s spokesman, Donavan Sung, where he claimed that it had been taken with the brand’s new flagship, the Pocophone F1 . However, the internet does not usually let go and discovered that in fact, the image had already been posted earlier in April with the identification tag of Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S .

More curious of all is that Donovan still took the trouble to erase the watermark, which made the image easier to identify after all, the junctions of the stones on the ground are gone.

Well or badly, at least the photo was captured with a device of the mark and not with a DSLR but that became ugly, stayed.



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