Ué? Samsung tests Galaxy S10 without digital reader under the screen, points new rumor

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However, it seems, Samsung’s plans may end up changing. That’s because some sources have reported that the South Korean giant is testing a prototype of the Galaxy S10 with digital reader on its back , something that is already seen in the current Galaxy S9 and Note 9 .

As we know, Samsung does not usually comment on this type of rumor of the market. Even so, taking into account previous information, this variant with digital reader in the rear may be the simplest. That’s because the company is expected to launch three models of the Galaxy S10 .

So while the two most expensive variants will hit the market with the long-awaited digital reader under the screen, Samsung may choose to sell the third model with the current solution to offer a good cost-benefit in some markets.

It is worth remembering that previous rumors stated that the Galaxy S10 is “giving work” to the Samsung design team. In addition, new information indicates that the South Korean giant may choose to launch some units of the more expensive model entitled to new technology 5G .

Do you believe that only two variants of the Galaxy S10 will be launched with digital reader under the screen? Tell us your opinion here in the comments. See also our first impressions about the Galaxy Note 9 that recently arrived in Brazil.

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