U21, Italy-Albania 3-1. With Dimarco open, Murgia and Parigini close it in the final

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The azzurrini celebrate the goal of Dimarco. Lapresse

The azzurrini celebrate the goal of Dimarco. Lapresse

From disappointment to exaltation, in sixty seconds. The Under of Gigi Di Biagio returns to success (the first from his return from the National senior) in a daring, finding two goals in the last minute of a recovery that gave more emotions of the first 90 ‘.

Because Albania had found the equal to 46 ‘of the restart with Vrioni (Italian national up to U18), but then the blue pride came out thanks to a twist from the ground of Murgia and a wonderful diagonal of Parigini, now the best scorer of this two year period U21. Canceled the scoppola with Slovakia, but to be protagonists at the European home next June it is still necessary to work. Very.

MINI REVOLUTION – With respect to the poor race last Thursday in Slovakia Di Biagio changes six elevenths. Above all, the team immediately has a different attitude. For half an hour it is a shooting shot towards the door of Albania, with Cutrone great protagonist who wastes two occasions face to face with the goalkeeper, then turns twice in acrobatics. The blue advantage arrives at 27 ‘: lob di Vido for Dimarco, left to the flight of the external medium that slips on the long pole.

All very nice and finally you can see some smile. But it does not last long: Cutrone (37 ‘) turns into the area and ends centrally, but then remains on the ground. For the tip of Milan slight distortion in the left ankle. Before the interval also Audero has the opportunity to show off, flying on a beautiful conclusion of Sulejmanov.

EXCITING RECOVERY – The recovery opens with a shiver: Bare free kick deflected by the barrier, internal pole and then on the rejected Ramadani head high. The opportunity for the blue doubling comes instead at the end, when Cerri finds in depth Parigini, to which I can not touch to overtake Selmani out.

Then the final daring, with the Albanian with “the Italian” Vrioni at 46 ‘and the clamorous one-two Murgia-Parisian in sixty seconds. Italy thus returns to the success that was missing from March 27 in Serbia. The result was there, the game a little ‘less. Or at least intermittently. But at least let’s start again.

At the end of the game Di Biagio said he was satisfied with the success, but he pointed out the performance: “The victories are moral and grow, but we must also evaluate other things: we must try to play a little ‘better.

It is not enough to have won because on our way we will find very strong teams, especially at the European Championship. Little choice? “We must not create problems, but work and solve them. Maybe let’s play someone who never plays. And we help club teams discover or rediscover the players “concluded the selector.



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