Turned back? Samsung may launch variant of Galaxy S10 with 5G, rumor points

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After the release of Galaxy Note 9 , most rumors began to turn for the arrival of the future Galaxy S10 and a possible Galaxy F . Recently, we showed that the S10 is being well worked by Samsung , and the device must bring digital reader under the screen .

Now while Samsung keeps all its plans in the public eye, new rumor has it that the South Korean giant may change its mind and launch a variant of the Galaxy S10 with a 5G connection . As we know, until then we had information that the company would maintain the 4G standard on these handsets .

However, sources have stated that at least one of the variants must support the new connection. The Bell reports that probably the Galaxy S10 Plus will be the owner of the novelty , and will be produced few units with access to 5G due to some limitations.

For now, as we know, Samsung does not comment on the rumors coming from the market. Even so, many bet that the S10 Plus variant will be responsible for bringing some news to the popular line of premium handsets from Samsung.

Because of this, it is not surprising that the company included the 5G in the device to catch the attention of the consumer who will see the network become popular during the year 2019. It is worth remembering that the new Galaxy S10 Plus will also be responsible for bringing three cameras in its rear .

Do you believe that Samsung will take the 5G Galaxy S10 line? Tell us your opinion here in the comments. Check out also our first impression of the Galaxy Note 9 that already arrived in Brazil .

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