Toyota Corolla: the first images of Touring Sports

Toyota has unveiled the station wagon version of the new Corolla, a substitute for the Auris. It will be exhibited at the Paris Motor Show.

RETURNS THE NAME COROLLA – After the five-door sedan, unveiled in March, here is the station wagon version: it’s called Toyota Corolla Touring Sports of which the Japanese company has released the first images. It was designed and developed in Belgium, at the Zaventem Toyota style center, with a practical and versatile car personality with an elegant and sporty image.

AN EX-NOVO MODEL – The new Toyota Corolla Touring Sports will be presented at the upcoming Mondial de l’Auto in Paris, scheduled from October 4th to 14th. It is designed on the Toyota New Global Architecture platform (TNGA), and its definition started from scratch, it was not a simple extension of the Corolla sedan. The line conveys a strong identity, at the same time made of sportiness and robustness, far from the only setting aimed at looking for spaciousness of the most classic wagons. The general trend of the bodywork is striking due to the accentuated wedge profile, which gives the Corolla Touring Sports a penetrating image. Laterally, the enlarged wheel arches can be seen, which give the whole body “muscularity”. 

SPACE FOR PASSENGERS AND BAGGAGE – In announcing the new Toyota Corolla Touring Sports , the house underlines its space, both for passengers and for the boot. This also thanks to the 270 cm wheelbase, thanks to which the Japanese company claims that the rear seats offer a space for the record legs. This together with the boot of considerable capacity: 598 liters. The interiors look modern and minimalist, with a few physical buttons, a fairly bulky central tunnel and a large-screen multimedia system located at the top of the dashboard.

TWO HYBRIDS – How much the model is considered important by Toyota can be inferred from the fact that there are two hybrid versions , one with a 1.8 engine and the other 2.0, respectively with 122 and 180 hp. Of course, both gasoline, given that Toyota has long decided to abandon the diesel. In addition to these two proposals there will be a version with a 1.2 hp 1.2 hp engine, probably not imported in Italy.

ROAD BEHAVIOR – The mechanics provides front suspension of the McPherson type, while behind it there is a new multilink architecture. All combined with new type shock absorbers and the AVS (Adaptive Variable Suspension) electronic system. It should however be said that the house highlights how the road characteristics of the Toyota Corolla Touring Sports have excellent fundamentals in the positioning of the seats, the engine and the battery pack, which allows the car to have a low center of gravity, important for good road behavior. 



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