The strange case of Sergi Roberto: hit and run in the national team

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Sergi Roberto has a more unique record than rare. Four international appearances with three different CTs. Accomplice the tourbillon of “Roja” coaches and curious coincidences …

The curious case of Sergi Roberto: the “tuttocampista” has a more unique curriculum than rare with the Spanish national team. The “hit and run”. Four appearances with the “Roja” and three different coaches. A more unique “rare” record. And that explains, in some ways, also the tourbillon that has gone through the bench of the 2010 World Champion.

SERGI –   The boy played Wembley and wrote a small paragraph in the national history. It had never happened in the 21st century that Spain won at Wembley. Even more curious, however, that his presence coincided with the debut of Luis Enrique, the third technical commissioner crossed along his path in the national team. His call was quite predictable, considering that the Asturian coach, when he coached Barcelona, ​​has always considered him a very titular, appreciating his tactical versatility.

DEL BOSQUE – The first call, however, dates back to 2016, when on the Spanish bench is Vincente Del Bosque who uses it however in a completely experimental in the tests prior to the French European against Romania and Albania. Not enough, however, to convince the CT to take it with him to the Europeans. Spain out of the eighth.

LOPETEGUI – Lopetegui summons him but goes on the field only once, during the match against Liechtenstein which ended 8-0 and was enriched with the first goal in the national team. Also this time, however, Sergi Roberto fails to win the confidence of the coach who excludes him from the list of players summoned for Russia 2018. Sergi Roberto at home and … Lopetegui well. The story is known, the technician, “guilty” of having agreed with Real, is exonerated in the race. And Spain? Still out of the second round.

LUIS ENRIQUE – And Sergi? Well, there are not two without three. Even Luis Enrique has counted on him but the feeling is that this time the player can put “roots” inside the national team. Luis Enrique has great consideration. Sergi Roberto also hopes, also because, if the trend of the past should continue, having already consumed his “token” should await the appointment of the next CT … and Spain would be condemned to a new exit to the knockout stages.



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