The Panda gives the leadership to the Clio

Among the best-selling in Italy in August 2018, a historic overtaking of the Renault Clio against the Fiat Panda, the undisputed queen for years.

PARTICULAR MONTH – The statistics of car registrations in Italy in August 2018 ( here to find out more). they will be under observation for a while. The reason for the attention is the possible and probable high incidence of the registrations of cars registered to the dealerships to be resold as ” km 0“. 

The practice is known and old more or less like the automobile trade. In August, however, it may have assumed particularly important dimensions because many houses have found the square full of cars that from the first of September 2018 it would not have been possible to label them. 

As known, the European standards provide that from 1 September the cars to be registered are approved by doing the test of consumption and emissions with the WLTP and RDE modes, closer to the normal use of cars than the previously followed mode ( here to find out more). This has meant that the houses have accumulated stock of cars that with September it would no longer be possible to register as new. Therefore, there was nothing left to do with registrations of convenience, thus giving rise to considerable increases.

SURPRISING NUMBERS – The premise is necessary to talk about the statistical surprise of the month: the Fiat Panda  ( below ) has lost the position of leader of the sales, leaving the position to the Renault Clio ( picture above). The French sedan totaled 4402 registrations, while the Fiat Panda, second in the ranking has registered 3739.

This while in the ranking of registrations of the eight months from January to August the Fiat Panda is leader with 79.025, while the Renault Clio has 38.952 that they place it in third place. In second place there is the Fiat 500X, with 39.031 units. After all, in the previous months the Panda has always been a leader, with the well-spaced Clio: July: Panda 7814, Clio 5138; June: 9584 and 5060; May: 13.860 and 5891; April: 8827 the Panda and 4012 the Clio.

REALITY TO CONFIRM – In the next months we will see if the historical overtaking of the Renault Clio against the Fiat Panda is the result of the auto-registrations of dealerships or is a stable trend in the tastes of Italian drivers.



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