September 23, 2018

Team Snipers apologizes for Fenati: “Unforgivable. Romano redeems himself “

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The team of the Marches, author of the mad braking against Manzi during the Moto2 race at Misano, expressed his disappointment: “Serious reaction, we accept the disqualification and we dissociate from the pilot’s words that he must now start again from there build a new image “

The Team Snipers, for which he runs Romano Fenati, has publicly apologized for the behavior of his driver, who yesterday, during the Moto2 race of the San Marino GP, was the author of the crazy gesture of pulling the brake lever of a opponent (Stefano Manzi; ed.). 

The team also dissociated itself from the declarations with which the Marches tried to explain his behavior. In emphasizing that there was also a penalty to Manzi, it is reiterated however that there will be no appeal against the disqualification of Fenati and that there is only the desire to forget what happened and look forward to the good of sport.

THE RELEASE – Here is the full text of the statement: “OK. It is unforgivable. A serious reaction foul, in monovision. Of course, if Manzi was also punished, there will be a reason but this is not a justification. 

The team dissociates itself from what was expressed by its Moto2 rider and apologizes to the sporting world for the worst example, with sponsors for the image given, with the fans all for the disappointment. To those who ask us what decisions we will take, we answer that we must never take heat to suffer the consequences afterwards. Meanwhile, we take note of the disqualification, for two races, of our rider. We have countersigned it immediately. 

We thank the Race Management for the tact and professionalism with which it has dealt with the situation. We thank the Forward team for working with us to put out the fire and bring serenity back to us as soon as possible. Ironically, the Forward team will be Romano’s new team next year and we all want to cancel this episode quickly. That said, the pilot must understand the mistake and start from there, to build a new image and be able to return to compete head-on in the world “.



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