Tablet Samsung Galaxy View 2 receives new certifications and can be released soon

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As we all know, Samsung often launches a series of devices in a short period of time. Recently we have seen the arrival of the Galaxy Note 9 , Galaxy J2 Core and we have also started talking about a possible announcement of the long-awaited Galaxy F , the world’s first foldable smartphone.

Now, while much of the public is eyeing the rumors of the Galaxy F and S10 , Samsung has achieved two major approvals for yet another device. This is a supposed Galaxy View 2 that has been certified Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Identified with the SM-T927A numbering, the apparatus had no technical specification revealed. The only information available is that it runs Android 8.0 Oreo and has Bluetooth 5 connectivity.

Galaxy View 2 may be Samsung’s next big bet on the tablet market. The company is already preparing for the launch of the device.

However, even without any new information, some previous rumors already bring us some important specifications that Samsung should embark on this tablet. Starting with the screen, it should have a 17.5-inch display and rely on USB-C port.

In addition, the processor will be an Exynos manufactured by Samsung itself and without definite numbering. The amount of RAM should be 3 GB, and Galaxy View 2 should support Samsung Dex and a stylus.

For now, the South Korean giant has not yet commented on the rumors about the new generation of its tablet. Because of this, we must wait a little longer to get some official positioning by the company.



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