Serie B, no repechage: the league remains to 19 teams

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Franco Frattini. Handle

Franco Frattini. Handle

“Inadmissible”. The only eventuality that had not been hypothesized becomes the final solution: the Conferent Guarantee Committee rejects the appeals against the provision with which the commissioner of Figc Fabbricini had blocked the repechage, setting the Serie B format to 19 teams, and the decision of the League of B, which a moment later had drawn up the calendar and announced the start of the championship.

The College, in essence, declares itself to be “incompetent” and invites the applicants to apply to the Federal Court of First Instance, the first degree of football sports justice. In the meantime, obviously, the B Series continues serenely to 19 teams, as established in August. A blow to effect, and above all a bad blow for the applicants, forced to leave the street, and do the whole process, while the championship will advance inexorably.

Consequently, the choice on who to go back – if Novara and Catania or Ternana and Pro Vercelli – is declared “impractical”, ie frozen waiting for the events. Events that, however, will hardly allow companies to have “satisfaction”, which is why, most likely, now all try to turn to the TAR, if only to ask for maximum compensation.

FRATTINI: “I HAVE VOTED AGAINST” – “Serie B remains at 19 teams but I voted against – so Franco Frattini, president of the College of Guarantee of sport – The sentence is being published for the first time in my career as president I voted against the decision taken by a majority, it ends 3-2, with my vote against in an official statement that explains the inadmissibility of all the appeals The championship continues to 19 teams “.

THE STORY – These are the stages of the hot summer that involved the Lega B. On May 30 with the official statement 54, the FIGC defines criteria and procedures for the integration of the staff of the Serie A and Serie B championships for the 2018 season / 2019. On July 18, against the non-registration of Bari, Cesena and Avellino, the FIGC establishes the deadline within which to submit the applications for repechage: the 13 of 27 July.

On 1 August the Federal Court of Appeal confirms the decision of the Federal Court to re-admit Novara (and consequently Catania) to participate in the repechage. The August 13modifying the previous decisions, the extraordinary commissioner of the FIGC, Roberto Fabbricini, decides to block the repechage and fixes the number of teams involved in the Serie B championship to 19.

On 7 September, after a long debate, the Confer Guarantee Committee refers to Tuesday, September 10th the decision on the composition of the Serie B to 22 teams and on issues related to blocks and readmissions to the 2018/2019 championship.



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