Serie B, last resort appeal. The reactions of the clubs

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No repechage, but the last word is not yet spoken. The Serie B remains at 19 teams. Siena, Catania, Novara, Ternana and Pro Vercelli remain dry after the final resolution of the Coni College of Guarantee,

which rejected the appeal against the decision ordered by the commissioner of Figc Fabbricini who had blocked the repechage for the cadet series. Great disappointment but also a lot of rage for the clubs who had hoped for “desk promotion” and now they are ready to play the last card: the appeal to TFN.

The Catania has already proceeded to forward the request that will be dealt with tomorrow at 2 pm, while Novara and Pro Vercelli are already preparing the appeal to be submitted by tomorrow evening.

LAST HOPE – “The clubs have made a mistake for the judge to turn in. The interested parties can now, if they want to, leave the court of first instance of the FIGC and re-propose the same protests” declared the president of the College of Guarantee of Sport, Franco Frattini .


CATANIA – But meanwhile the squares involved express themselves in no uncertain terms: “The epilogue of the absurd story of the Serie B championship has certified the loss of credibility of those who govern Italian football”. Said the mayor of Catania.

“Salvo Pogliese then added, commenting on the sentence on the format of the series B:” The fact is that this epilogue has been reached in total disregard of the rules and the law, for the mere will of those who see in football not the passion shared by millions of people but a source of income and profit.

Characters who wrote one of the most squalid pages in the history of sport most loved by Italians. “The mayor of the Sicilian city already speaks of courtrooms:” The answer can be only one – in addition to what we will give in courtrooms, arguing with the lawyers of the Municipality the appeal of the Catania Calcio-: supporting the team in mass, the guys who wear our glorious jerseys, so that the B series that have denied us – mortifying the right – arrives at the end of a season that will have to be unforgettable. Our history teaches us that difficulties do not overwhelm us, but they exalt us “.

TERNANA – No less keep the words of Stefano Ranucci, president of Ternana: “I am first of all sorry for our supporters, because we could not bring home the result we all wanted. but for a situation which in my opinion is truly deplorable, which evidently is taking the upper hand in this nation “.

he also talks about the Tribunal and invites not to lose hope: “As for the cases in court, they are not finished: they will certainly go ahead, we have given a mandate to our lawyers to identify all that is possible to appeal against this sentence : at this point the causes will have a different purpose than before “.

SIENA – Official PRESS release from Siena, which said it was ready to proceed by legal means: “The company Robur Siena SpA, having acknowledged the decision of the College of Guarantee and listened with bitterness and dismay to the statements made publicly to the organs of information by the President Frattini, will proceed without delay to the appropriate offices to protect his rights.The company believes that a great opportunity has been lost to reiterate that the rules must be the same for everyone “.

NOVARA – Novara’s reaction is quite different: attendism and low profile awaiting the publication of motivations. Meanwhile, the club is already moving to forward a new appeal to the TFN within the next 24 hours.

THE RELEASE OF THE SERIES B – Apparently closed the thorny issue that has held the entire Serie B with bated breath, even the cadet series has ruled on today’s decision to maintain the championship to 19 teams:

“Now the Serie B championship can continue, with a reduction of organic that, beyond proportions, wants to be a cornerstone of a change in a system that has become unsustainable and incapable of reforming in recent years.

We would like to thank the Colle di Garanzia for having acted, as always, with third party and independence in the name of justice A behavior that of the Lega B is always consistent and respectful of the hierarchies established by the Federation and by the Commissioner Fabbricini, who has had courage and foresight for a decision that goes in the direction of greater economic sustainability,today no longer guaranteed, as the recent failures also show “the contents of the note.



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