September 18, 2018

San Siro, the “secular” plan is ready. With the new management, Milan and Inter are back in … Municipality

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Relations resumed after the change of ownership: now the two teams are ready for the agreement on the stadium

The splendid setting of the San Siro stadium during Milan-Rome (in the foreground Suso). Lapresse

The splendid setting of the San Siro stadium during Milan-Rome (in the foreground Suso). Lapresse

Lights at San Siro: waiting for the return of the nights of the cup, the spotlights are rekindled on the question of the future of the Meazza plant. The change of ownership at Milan and the subsequent renewal of the Rossoneri management has reopened the channels of communication on the “San Siro file” between the two clubs, channels that instead had closed during the management Yonghong Li. 
If then the Nerazzurri club had started thinking about a solitary future at San Siro, today it is back to talk with Milan about a future cohabitation management. In particular, it will be dealt with by the Municipality for a concession (cession of the surface rights) for 99 years: we can not speak technically of “ownership stage” (after a century will return to the City of Milan), but we would be very close.
the meetingToday, Inter and Milan are rented and a 15 million euro ordinary and extraordinary maintenance has recently been approved by the Municipality. In the coming weeks the leaders of the two Milanese clubs will meet to define a shared plan with which to present themselves at the negotiating table with Palazzo Marino.
 Said that the City of Milan is open to this type of solution, which would allow fans to remain in their historic “home” and the two clubs of the city to add an important piece for economic growth and consolidation in the world, the the subject of the negotiation will be the cost of the almost century-old concession. Inter and Milan are ready to coexist and manage together the Meazza,
facing the renovation work to make it a modern facility without losing its historic charm, but they will also have to deal with the budget. The situation has unblocked compared to the recent past: the road is not short, but Inter and Milan have embarked on it.


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