Samsung launches “Time is Now” campaign featuring 12 models

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Samsung began the month of September by launching the “Time is Now” campaign, which offers discounted intermediate and advanced handsets through the country’s major retail outlets and online retailers.

In all, 12 devices, distributed in three lines (Galaxy J, A and S) and promises to serve all audiences. The figures quoted are the officers provided by the brand and should be lower in the partners.

 Samsung constantly brings unique opportunities and facilities so that consumers of different profiles can purchase the models in our portfolio of smartphones. Therefore, we seek, through a fun language to present the solution for those who wish to upgrade their smartphone, but always encounter some obstacle

Loredana Sarcinella, Senior Director of Marketing, Mobile Devices Division, Samsung Brazil

Samsung Galaxy J Line

The Galaxy J line comes with five variants, including four color options (depending on the version of the device) and coming from the basic Samsung Galaxy J4 with 16GB or 32GB, passing the Galaxy J6 with 32GB or 64GB and arriving at the Galaxy J8 with 64GB and prices ranging from $ 749 to $ 1,649.

7.8Cost Benefit

Samsung Galaxy J4

BEST PRICER $ 650All prices (115) »
Offer Alert: Galaxy J6 and J4 suffer good price reductions

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7.4Cost Benefit

Samsung Galaxy J6

BEST PRICER $ 869All prices (107) »
Samsung Galaxy J6 wins variant with more storage in Brazil

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6.1Cost Benefit

Samsung Galaxy J8

BEST PRICER $ 1,348All prices (27) »
Are you kidding, Samsung? Galaxy On8 arrives in India costing half of the sold in Brazil

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Line Samsung Galaxy A

The intermediate line comes in contributing three gadgets for the promotion, being the Galaxy A6 Plus , Galaxy A8 and Galaxy A8 Plus , all in the 64GB version and four color options (varying from model to model). Their prices range from R $ 2,199 to R $ 2,399.

6.9Cost Benefit

Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus

BEST PRICER $ 1,571All prices (46) »
Galaxy A6 Plus delivers more than the Moto G6, but charges expensive for it | Review / Analysis

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6.5Cost Benefit

Samsung Galaxy A8 2018

BEST PRICER $ 1,665All prices (93) »
Galaxy A8: Samsung finally releases Android Oreo 8.0 for Brazil!

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6.2Cost Benefit

Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus 2018

BEST PRICER $ 1,799All prices (95) »
Galaxy A8 Plus maintains good battery life and performance with Android 8.0 Oreo

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Samsung Galaxy S Line

Covered, the flagships of the brand also make up the participating options of promotion, coming with both the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus (both with 64GB and four color options) as well as the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus (with 128GB). The values ​​for the line vary between R $ 3,399 and R $ 4,599.

8Cost Benefit

Samsung Galaxy S8

BEST PRICER $ 2,198All prices (81) »
From basicão to flagship! Smartphones used by the TodoCelular team

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7.4Cost Benefit

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

BEST PRICER $ 2,459All prices (93) »
From basicão to flagship! Smartphones used by the TodoCelular team

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7.1Cost Benefit

Samsung Galaxy S9

BEST PRICER $ 2,969All prices (101) »
Zenfone 5Z, Galaxy S9, Xperia XZ2 and iPhone 8 | Comparison of TodoCelular cameras

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6.6Cost Benefit

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

BEST PRICER $ 3,329All prices (112) »
Comparison at full size: Xperia XZ3 vs Galaxy S9 +, G7 ThinQ, Zenfone 5Z and iPhone X

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Campaign turns smartphone into horror character

For the announcement of the promotion, a video of thirty seconds was made in partnership with the agency Leo Burnett Tailor Made. The short, which can be seen below, puts in the main plane a user who, after failing to hit a photo of his dog and resulting in a blurred and unsolved picture, tries to get rid of all forms of his smartphone. The result is a curious tech chase worthy of horror movie.




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