Samsung can launch smartphone with four rear cameras still in 2018 [Rumor]

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We know that this year Samsung invested heavily in the slogan “reimagined camera”, bringing smartphones that can deliver great results for those who enjoy both shooting and recording videos with the cell phone, however, appreciate that the company wants more! According to rumors of the Ice Universe, Twitter’s famous profile for leaking information of the future launches of Samsung, the South Korean multinational plans to launch this year a cell phone with 4 rear cameras .

In a simple tweet talking “Samsung Camera Camera Camera Camera”, the profile was responding in the comments the inquiries of the followers. Some Internet users believed that this model would be the Galaxy S10 or the Galaxy F , which is the smartphone with the brand’s flexible screen, but Ice Universe replied that it is another model. Taking into account what has been said, it is believed that the device will be in the line of premium intermediaries because, despite being 4 rear cameras, he says that the company focused on quantity rather than quality, as it does on its flagships.

Recently photos of a possible prototype of the Huwei Mate 20 Pro , which has 3 rear cameras distributed in a quadric way, have been leaked , so it may be that Samsung has followed this same line and brought this differentiated design to market, which would create a new trend for 2019.

We are already in the last quarter of 2018, so it’s a bit difficult to believe that this rumor has been hidden for so long, but it may be a company strategy to be kept warm in the market and recover from the fall that occurred in the sales of your top of line this year , making the next year’s news are shown without fear of future losses.

And then, dear reader, do you think Samsung really will bring this combo of cameras later this year? If yes, which model will it be?



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