September 20, 2018

Sacchi: “Balotelli, intelligence matters more than the feet, and what a shame the Under21”

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The former technical commissioner does not use half terms against the blue tip. And it also attacks the Football Association: “We seek power, not the project, this is the problem”

Mario Balotelli, 28, in the field against Poland. Lapresse

Mario Balotelli, 28, in the field against Poland. Lapresse

Bags in tackle on Balotelli. After yesterday’s performance at the draw against Poland, the former coach of the national team does not use half terms against the attacker of Nice: “I would say that you play as a team. You have to have few but clear ideas, “he told Radio Deejay microphones.” Soccer is a collective sport and intelligence matters more than the feet. So, first I would choose players who have intelligence. We need generosity, passion, professionalism. 
Everyone has a car, but to get it moving, you need gas. And in football, petrol is intelligence, passion, professionalism. Here, let’s say that the team spirit is enough: already that makes you a worthy person “.
UNDER 21 – Regarding the alarm launched by the technical commissioner Roberto Mancini, who claimed more space for young Italians, Sacchi was also clear on Under 21, beaten 3-0 by Slovakia: “The players of the Underworld have had a shameful attitude. They were presumptuous and arrogant. 
Often in football real enemies are not the adversaries, we are ourselves ». The former technical commissioner added: “This is a country in which to win would sell the soul to the devil: there is no difference between a deserved and a little deserved victory. But the little-deserved one brings little future into oneself. “
FEDERATION – Finally, a sting to the Federcalcio, because of the lack of a long-term project: “The federation, with its ideas and its vision, counts more than the team and the coach, as the team counts more than the single. 
Instead, this is a country where the individual counts the most: and the Federation does not impose rules because it seeks power more than a project useful for football. Try not to ever make enemies, so everyone is happy never to please anyone. Our football lacks pride: today, coaching the national team is even more difficult “.


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