Razer Phone 2 even comes in 2018 to compete with Black Shark, Red Magic and Rog Phone

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The Razer Phone can be considered the first smartphone ever gamer of the market since it was he who not only presented the term but also popularized and expanded the competition of devices with differentiated design and high performance specifications for players.

After its launch in 2017, competitors such as Nubia Red Magic, Xiaomi Black Shark and Asus ROG Phone came to beat the Razer handset, but it was time to upgrade the smartphone with the best hardware in 2018!

According to Razer’s financial report published by the company with the closing of the results of the first half of the year, the launch of the Razer Phone 2 will happen in the second half of this year!

That means that even with virtually no leakage, we are increasingly close to scrutinizing what the company proposes to the smartphone gamers scenario in 2018 over the next three months.

There is no indication yet of what to expect regarding the Razer Phone 2, but we know the company will not disappoint in 2018 as well as did not disappoint in 2017. So it is likely that it will maintain and enhance the screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz , upgrade the processor to the exclusive Snapdragon 855 that has not yet been announced and continue betting on 8GB of RAM and now offers 128GB of internal storage.

We also expect an improvement in the internal components and cooling system more efficient than the previous generation. It is likely that the company will also announce accessories such as joysticks to ensure differentials for the smartphone, but everything is still just speculation.

News should come in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on TodoCelular! The first Razer Phone already has analysis here on the site and you can check more details by clicking hereand watching the video below



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