Pixel 3? Google marks event for beginning of October in the USA

Google has sent an invitation to the American press, for a scheduled event for October 9 in New York. The trend is for the Mountain View giant to introduce the Pixel 3 and 3 XLsmartphones .

The invitation includes an animated GIF, which displays the expression “I <3 NY”. Although the “3” heart symbol formed may be related to upcoming smartphone models, it has not yet been clarified whether there is any other reference in the company’s message. See below:

Shaheer Ahmed@Boringcuriosity

Google hardware event confirmed for October 9 in NYC

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This would not be the first time Google chooses this month to launch new smartphones. Last year, the company even released Pixel 2 and 2 XL models on October 4 at an event held in San Francisco.

It’s worth remembering that future smartphones from Google got to receive one more certification this week , regarding support for 4G connection. Other recent information is that the devices must be accompanied by a Pixel Stand wireless charger .

The trend is for Google to announce other products at the event. In the last year, the company introduced Home Max, Home Mini, Pixel Buds and Pixelbook along with their cell phones. The search giant will make the live streaming stream available.



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