Nubia-α is a smartphone with clock face

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Remember when Lenovo showed the world a prototype bracelet that, in fact, is a smartphone? Apparently a Chinese brand called Nubia did their homework and presented their product to consumers, the Nubia-α.

Smartphone with strap?

It does not have a screen as curved as the prototype of Lenovo, but Nubia, which is part of the group also the Chinese ZTE, released a video during IFA 2018, which takes place this week in Berlin, Germany, with a kind of clock with screen quite stretched and that is a smartphone.

The screen, which is most noticeable in the product, owns the company and is certainly made based on some OLED display – which is naturally more malleable than other types of screen. Beyond it, there is an internal modem for 4G connection to the world and a front camera that is quite visible – without this giving a secret agent where cameras are not allowed (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °).

The position of the camera should have more connection to video calls than a selfie during the holidays, in a rather futuristic look than we had in science fiction about the future in the 70s and 80s.

The Asian manufacturer does not comment on the operating system that runs on the product, not even the type of processor that is shipped or the battery capacity, which on a screen of this size, should be very large.

Strange as it may seem (look at how wide the product is!), You have to give Nubia due credit, since it took what Lenovo showed and tried to turn it into a real product. Gadget that has the last quarter of this year as the official official launch date.

With information: Gizmodo  and PhoneArena .



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