NBA, Los Angeles Clippers preview: with Gallinari leading playoff goal

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Jerry West took little time to make his mark and set the road. One year on from the establishment of Mr. Logo in the leading position of the Californian team, the Clippers look to the future with confidence and high ambitions. Reconstructing without demobilization was the watchword, not an easy task in today’s NBA: this was the case. 

The result of good moves, quick decisions and balanced contracts that will allow us to reach the next free agency with a large salary space and a team already shored with key men. 

With the departure, little regretted, of DeAndre Jordan officially closes the era of Lob Cityand those Big Three who brought 6 consecutive playoffs without ever going through the second round. Too little to continue to still believe in a game system and a group that in important moments, for one reason or another, has always failed. The trade that involved Blake Griffin in February ideally marked the decisive change of course.

Doc Rivers between Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Jerome Robinson, the two grafts from the draft. ap

PROBABLE QUINTET – Beverly, Bradley, Harris, Gallinari, Gortat.
RISERVE CHIAVE — Teodosic, Williams, Gilgeous-Alexander, Robinson, Mbah a Moute, Scott, Harell, Marjanovic.
COACH — Doc Rivers.

WHAT HAS CHANGED – When West let slip the phrase “DeAndre wants the ceiling but does not waste a shot for a month” it was clear that the fate of the center was marked. Marcin Gortat arrived in his place with the main advantage of having the contract expiring at the end of the year. If the defensive phase and intimidation in the area will surely be affected, offensively the Polish center is a more suitable player at the technical level for the game of Doc Rivers with great skills in rolling and a reliable shooting from the average.

 Great confidence is placed in the two lottery pick Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, notable in the Summer League of Las Vegas, and Jerome Robinson, destined to gain minutes after an apprenticeship phase. That of Avery Bradley, seen for only 6 races last season, was the main target of the market:
GOAL – Playoff.

Danilo Gallinari, 30, begins the second season at the Clippers. ap

WHY BELIEVE IT – The talent and depth are a team that aspires to the playoffs even in the terrible west, with the right mix between veterans of great experience and young people of great prospects. The main point remains only one after the incredible past year where Rivers could count on the full roster for only two games in the season: stay healthy and avoid injury. 

The offensive weight will be on the shoulders of Danilo Gallinari, ready for a great season, Tobias Harris and Lou Williams, amazing sixth man of the year, who will have to guarantee continuity and leadership in a team that has no other great strikers. With them at their best and a defense that is a candidate to be among the best in NBA, Clippers can reach the top. Doc Rivers comes from his best year as a coach since he was in Los Angeles, winning West’s renewal and confidence, and will no longer be the target of easy criticism for the use of the child, sent to Washington. The ingredients are all there to be able to amaze.

WHY DOUBT – The injuries have always been the enemy number 1 of the Clippers: this year they will be the balance. It starts with Beverley, Bradley and Gallinari perfectly restored after a summer spent working hard in the gym, but the doubts about the medical staff remain. Last year errors of evaluation and re-entry of sliced ​​meat cost the playoffs with Galliinari, innocent victim, who paid more than everyone. We can talk about the lack of a real star, a long battery that can only rely on Harell and Marjanovic from the bench, by Lou Williams who may not repeat last season, but the aspects on the field still hold a secondary value.



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