Nba, Cleveland, the after LeBron starts between ambitions and doubts

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Kevin Love, 30, 208 cm strong wing, inherits the LeBron leadership in Cleveland. Afp

Kevin Love, 30, 208 cm strong wing, inherits the LeBron leadership in Cleveland. Afp

The farewell of LeBron has obviously altered the hierarchies of the Eastern Conference and consequently the ambitions of the Cavaliers. It was expected a different approach from the leadership of the post-divorce Cavs with the “chosen”, a total reconstruction seasoned by a discounted tanking. Instead Dan Gilbert has chosen, for now (it is said that things can not change before the February trade deadline) another way, the decidedly ambitious one of a restart keeping a certain competitiveness. Objective not easy in the modern NBA.

Kevin Love, fresh renewal will become the offensive option number one of a team that theoretically in the mediocrity of the Eastern Conference postseason can realistically aim at the pact that the interesting rookie Collin Sexton keep the promises. At an offensive level,PROBLABLE QUINTET:Hill, Smith, Korver, Love, Thompson KEY RESERVES: Sexton, Clarkson, Nance Jr., Osman, Dekker, Frye. COACH: Tyronn Lue.

WHAT HAS CHANGED ? There is no more LeBron, so almost everything has changed. Now Cleveland will be the team of Kevin Love who will return to be the focal point of the attack, in practice what happened to the Timberwolves.

Veterans like JR Smith, Tristan Thompson and Kyle Korver have remained (also because of their really complicated contracts) but without LeBron their presence becomes not easy to manage, from a technical point of view, for Tyronn Lue. There will be room for younger players, starting with the Cedi Osman Turkish up, of course, to the Collin Sexton rookie of wonders.

OBJECTIVE Reconstruct remaining competitive.
BECAUSE ‘BELIEVE IT – The current roster of the Cavs theoretically can be respected in the mediocrity of an Eastern Conference that, having removed the three queens and two or three better equipped teams, seems to propose a certain balance.

If Love returns to dominate as the first option and the rookie Sexton manages to have an important impact, the team can compete for a ticket for the playoffs. Provided you find a minimum square on the defensive level. Larry Nance Jr., Jordan Clarkson and Rodney Hood (if it should, as it seems, renew with the Cavs) after the up and down of their short period in Cleveland last season could make a leap in quality that would be a boon for Lue and for the ambitions of the Cavaliers to DOUBT –

The reasons are many. First of all, Cleveland’s management strategy is not yet clear. It will start like that but nobody is sure that the prospects will remain the same in February. In fact, many think that the idea of ​​rebuilding remaining competitive is not feasible for the Cavs, so before the deadline Love could be sold, in exchange for assets for the future, as well as Korver and maybe Thompson (provided there is some GM willing to take on its onerous contract).

If the roster is still there, there are no question marks. Love will return to dominate as the first offensive option? Will the transition to Sexton’s Nba basketball really be so painless? The long-awaited leap in quality of Hood will arrive (as long as I refer), Nance Jr., Clarkson and Osman? And above all on a defensive level, will Lue manage to find a minimum square for a team that has definitely made a lot of effort in this last season? Legitimate questions that justify the doubts of the skeptics about the real potential of Cavaliers.



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