September 18, 2018

NBA, Billups: “LeBron mvp, Warriors champions but in Durant I recommend leaving”

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Chauncey Billups makes the cards for the new season, focusing on James MVP and the reigning champions. And unveils why in 2017 he refused to do the gm of the Cavs while wanting to play that role

Chauncey Billups in maglia Pistons

Chauncey Billups in maglia Pistons

The Warriors and LeBron James. The Nba 2018-19 according to Chauncey Billups starts from these two certainties. One of the symbols of the Pistons 2004, in Italy as the guest of honor of the Nba Fan Zone that has had so much success in the weekend in Milan, draws the new season starting from the reigning champions and the strongest of all: but if King’s reign James what was known as Mr. Big Shot does not see the end, that of Golden State hopes soon an epilogue: “They are unbeatable, but I think this situation will not last more than a couple of years”.
WARRIORS – “Nobody can beat the Warriors because all their stars are at the peak of their respective careers – attacks Billups, who has no doubts in indicating Golden State as the NBA champion 2018-19 -. I do not think their dynasty is bad for the league, because they force everyone to try and be better to beat them. As happened with Jordan Bulls “. Billups has a clear idea of ​​when hegemony Warriors will end: “I think it will last another couple of years and the free agency will decree their end. After winning a lot, players like Klay Thompson or Kevin Durant will want to change. Indeed, KD advised to leave: it is with Steph Curry the only one able to make a team by title only with his presence, and I’d like to see him doing something similar to what he did LeBron, going first from Cleveland to Miami and then coming home after winning to show that team how to do it. Durant could do the same “.
LEBRON – James is the point of reference for the NBA according to Billups: “It’s the best, not today: the reason is that alone makes at least 25 NBA teams. In the field does almost everything: alone holds the weight of the attack, scores, passes, is still a good defender and is the best leader in circulation. He could play for another 15 years, who knows. And it would not surprise me if it were the mvp: it will be at the center of the Lakers, it will make them better by bringing them back to those that have always been. It always surprises me how much it manages to improve, even though it is about to start its 16th season. His successor? It will take time. At the moment Durant is the second best out there, but I do not forget Anthony Davis, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Russell Westbrook and young people like Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons “.
FUTURE OF GM – The bond between Billups and James is particular, but the 41 year-old today in 2017 refused the role of general manager of the Cavs, then ended up with Koby Altman: “I would have found LeBron and Ty Lue, who is a dear friend of mine, but for me it was not the right time, because I have three children who are growing up and I wanted to enjoy them. I will always thank Dan Gilbert for the opportunity “. The role of general manager, however, is the role in which Billups imagines his future: “I’ve been preparing for a long time, both to be a general manager and a coach, even if I’d rather do the GM How? Spending time with someone who already plays that role, as I often did when I was playing watching Joe Dumars, my manager at the Pistons. However I met many coaches, to know them and understand how they think. Whether for a future in the role, both because a general manager’s job is to hire a coach. Start from a title or a reconstruction team? It has always been important to me to win, they are different but both challenging challenges “.


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