September 23, 2018

Nazionale, Mancini: “Too many mistakes young people have to play”

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The blue coach: “We need to score to win, we have to grow, there is little to do”

Roberto Mancini, national coach.  GETTY

Roberto Mancini, national coach. GETTY

Now it gets tough. A single point in two games, and the dissatisfaction that reigns supreme. At the Rai Sport microphones, Roberto Mancini can not but start from the “error tax” that grips this team: “We have to try to limit them, but we put everything – the coach said immediately -. But we must also find remedies: to win we must score goals “.
CHANGE OF FORM – In the final, the Mancio has tried everything for everything, deploying Belotti alongside his teammate Zaza. “With the two strikers we had more playable balls, yes. They played well with each other and it’s important “, his comment. On the relegation chapter: “We have to grow, little to do. A young Italian boy does not play at high levels, it is normal that he has some difficulty with his first experiences. The leg will certainly help, but we must find solutions to get to the goal. It remains a problem “. Pure handsome.
IN CONFERENCE – In a sea of ​​errors, however, Mancini tries to see a light of confidence during the following press conference: “I’m not worried. The goal is to make the team to qualify for the Europeans. And if they criticize me it is not a problem, for the boys they must be only positive criticism because some are young and at the beginning. They must be helped and pushed. It was good to believe us until the end “. How much must we believe in the qualification? Mancini is faithful and laconic: “I think everything is still open, Portugal is favored. The difficulties are there, now we know them better “. The leitmotif is clear: it serves incisiveness. And above all to score. “Let’s try to reopen every speech”, Mancio prays. Believe it, really.


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