September 20, 2018

Nations League: Sweden-Turkey 2-3 from 2-0, Serbia-Romania 2-2. Panucci defeated

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The team of Calhanoglu overturns the result in the final moments of a race full of goals and spectacle. The Serbian national team is not enough Mitrovic, the author of a double.Scotland sinks Panucci’s Albania

Hakan Calhanoglu, 24, author of a goal in today's challenge with Sweden.  Afp

Hakan Calhanoglu, 24, author of a goal in today’s challenge with Sweden. Afp

Sweden is deluding itself, Turkey takes the business in extremis: in the Serie B of the Nations League the Turks of Calhanoglu overcome the Scandinavians in a creepy race, overturning the result in the final minutes. Sweden are initially ahead of two goals thanks to Thelin’s 35th-minute goals and Claesson’s 49th-minute goal. The first hits with a winning tap-in (header on the post and goal in the rebound), while the second becomes the protagonist of a euro-goal: edged by 25 meters on which the Turkish defender can nothing. Then it’s Turkey’s turn. Shortens the distances the valuable achievement of the three-chancellor rossonero, who with his powerful and precise diagonal towards the small corner to the left of the goalkeeper reignites Lucescu’s hopes. So overtaking in the last moments of the game: Akbaba,
SERIES C – Continue the great moment of Mitrovic who, after the goals in the Premier League with the shirt of Fulham, salt in the chair even in the challenge of his Serbia to Romania with a double: the first goal arrives at 26 ‘after a convulsive action, the second is a gesture to really appreciate, with the attacker good to defend the ball and then leave, taking advantage of a favorable rebound, a great right to direct goal. But Serbia with Romania has no easy life, as the guests recover the result twice: first with a penalty signed by Stanciu (48 ‘), then with the paw of Tucudean, quick in anticipating the marker on football corner and pierce the opponents. Final result 2-2, with good show. Well Scotland that gives the three points on Albania of Panucci with a brace of Naismith who scores both goals on header. Montenegro also beat Lithuania 2-0, with goals from Savic and Jankovic.
SERIES D – In group D only Kosovo wins, which makes two at Far Oer (Zeneli and Nuhiu goals). A network between Andorra and Kazakhstan, as well as between Malta and Azerbaijan.


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