September 18, 2018

Nations League, France-Holland 2-1: Mbappé-Giroud, but how many times for Bleus?

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First win for the team of Deschamps: opens the attacker of the PSG, then equalized Babel in the second half; of the Chelsea tip the winning goal. Feast in Saint-Denis with the world cup

Kylian Mbappé, 19, striker of France. Afp

Kylian Mbappé, 19, striker of France. Afp

In the evening when France celebrated its world champions, Deschamps against the Netherlands deployed the heroes of Moscow: all in the field except Lloris, injured, the men who less than two months ago passed Croatia in the final. At Saint-Denis it was a complete party, even if there were no chills. After the goal of Mbappé and 45 minutes dominated, the French have made the mistake to consider already closed the practice: the equal of Babel has wavered the certainties of the Bleus, but we thought Giroud (zero shots on goal at the World) to take the scene with a splendid turn on the fly. In the end the 2-1 gave France the first three points of the Nations League.
USUAL FRANCE, THEN … – Deschamps has deployed the same lineup that drew in Germany to debut in the new competition. For at least a time in the field we saw France winning the World Cup deserving. A team that rests on very solid foundations (a strange asymmetric 4-4-2 and the dark work of Kanté and Matuidi) and that is uncontrollable when it finds oxygen for the flames of its phenomena. 
Mbappé welcomed the Dutch with a tear of his finished kicking on Cillesen, then on 14 ‘he put in an easy ball of Matuidi in the finishing version. In the second half, however, the French made the mistake of thinking that the Netherlands were already on the table and lowered the pace. So Koeman’s team has raised his head and, after having touched the same with Wijnaldum, she scored on 67 minutes thanks to a speed action finalized by Babel. France swerved for a few minutes, then sure she regained control and found the winning goal with Giroud.
OLANDA THERE IS – And Holland? Despite the result, the signals for Koeman are positive. His team arrived at the appointment with the weight of the humiliating defeat collected a year ago at the Stade de France (4-0) which irrevocably jeopardized the race to Russia.
 The national one that did not make sense changed everything: coach, module (from defense to four to defense to three) and players (only four veterans in the field). This Netherlands is learning to turn around a talent like Frankie de Jong, 21, Ajax midfielder from the fulminating dribbling that tonight has made a glimpse of what pasta is made. 
However, there is no guide that infuses security, a hero, and for this reason the Dutch moment reminds of what Mancini’s Italy is experiencing. Unlike the Azzurri seen against Poland, the Netherlands seemed more team and, above all, he tried to produce a game against the worst adversary that can happen right now. In short, it is said that in the mini-group of Nations League Koeman’s team must necessarily be the victim: October 13 will try to put fear even to Germany.


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