September 23, 2018

MotoGP, Domenicali: “Ducati at the top of its history, Marquez more constant”

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The ad of the red at Radio 24 on the victory of Misano: “Demonstrates the balance and the great work done by the Racing Department. In a World Cup he has little mistakes and Marc has succeeded. Jorge? Strong thanks to him and today he has more determination. The title?Six races and then we will see “

Claudio Domenicali, CEO of Ducati Corse

Claudio Domenicali, CEO of Ducati Corse

There is great satisfaction in the Ducati house for the triumph in the San Marino GP with Andrea Dovizioso. The victory of the Forlì, who dominated, leaving Marc Marquez at a distance, was not a simple race, but the crowning achievement of a great job that makes the Desmosedici the MotoGP reference motorcycle. As Claudio Domenicali explained to All Convoked on Radio 24, there remains only the regret for the points lost at the beginning of the season.
THE DIFFERENCE – “We have seen and suffered the race – said the CEO of Borgo Panigale – I must say that it was an extraordinary show of strength by Dovizioso and Lorenzo. I think this is, from a sporting point of view, the best moment of our history, we have extraordinary performances not only in the circuits that are more favorable, or better in those where the engine makes the difference (and our bike is always was very strong in that) but also in circuits like Misano that is extremely ‘driven’. This really shows the balance and the great work done by the guys of the Ducati Corse team “.
THE WORLD – For Domenicali it’s a shame about the points lost but honor to Marquez: “Our drivers were very good but they also wasted too much, they made too many mistakes while Marquez managed to consolidate a lot from the start of the season. He only made a serious mistake at Mugello, otherwise he was always present. We have made some major mistakes in Jerez, where the drivers have self-reported each other, or in France, where Dovi was very strong but made a mistake in confidence. Here Jorge again made a mistake one and a half lap from the end. So until today I think that Marquez has been the most constant, and, in a world, it counts very little wrong. The Dovizioso season vote? An 8, an average of 10 for the times he has been standing and 6 less for the times when he is lying down, which is not from Dovi “.
STRONG THANKS TO JORGE – Much has been said about what did not work in the relationship with Jorge Lorenzo, who will race at Honda next year. Domenicali explains: “Divorce is a word that evokes fingers in the eye, quarrels, but I believe that having had Jorge in these twenty months in the team, plus the other six races that we will do together again this season, has given us an extraordinary advantage, we understood so many things about the bike. I believe that much of the work we have done is the result of the thesis that he brought us and that confirmed the theses that Dovi had already given us. Today we find ourselves with an extraordinarily competitive bike thanks to this investment we have made. I think that Jorge in recent months has realized his potential on this bike, which is, I believe, the ability to win or desire to fight to win on every track. And I also see a Jorge different from what we saw in the past, with extraordinary competitiveness and determination. It’s not goodness, but I think we did a good job together and we both collected fruits. “
THE FUTURE – There are still six races left, all to win for Domenicali: “We are positively oriented in preparing the next races to make the best, because the season ends in Valencia, and despite everything is difficult and complicated, until it will be mathematically lost, we can still win the drivers ‘title this year and we have the constructors’ title at our fingertips. This is very important to show that the bike is competitive. Because it is true that we make racing for passion, but also to show the world that here, in Bologna, Italy, there is a group of people who have technology, competence, organization, discipline: they are all extremely important qualities for a company that wants to make a market also selling the products “.


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