Milan, Bertolacci re-appears: now Gattuso can re-launch it

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Andrea Bertolacci, 27, Milan midfielder. LaPresse

In these same days of blue commitments, but three years ago, the Rossoneri block in the national team was reduced to a couple of representatives. Two young people and perspective, the same characteristics that Gigio, Caldara and Romagnoli (more than the sailor Bonaventura) today export from Milanello to the national team.

Then the boys chosen by coach Conte for two games of qualification for the 2016 European Championship were De Sciglio – the career of highs and lows in the Rossoneri led him to the Juventus champion of Italy – and Bertolacci, who lately had less luck. Of the two was the former genoano starting in the challenge in Malta, in a midfield that evidently had to reward quality: the teammates were Pirlo and Verratti, and – among others – there was no room for De Rossi.

At twenty-four Bertolacci was the Caldara (today equal age) of the situation: the injury to the adductors who stopped him a few days later, first among many others of the Rossoneri career, marked the beginning of a long period in the swing. That same summer, June 2015, Bertolacci was bought by Milan for twenty million euros: back from an excellent season at Genoa arrived without regretting the lack of hit Kondogbia to the square, the subject of a summer derby with Inter ended without a trophy.

Today, after another round trip to Genoa, Bertolacci is the less “considered” player of the whole team: for the player’s value and his investment is the most discrete group reserve. Without the friendly of the weekend with Pro Piacenza in which he had been deployed by Gattuso,

RESOURCES – In the summer, when it seemed like it was about to take the umpteenth return to Genoa, it was Gattuso who opposed and wanted to keep him in pink. For Rino it can be a very credible alternative to the two interiors of the median, even if in the same role the coach works in Bakayoko training. In many real matches – no longer friendly … – that will dazzle the calendar for the next month, Bertolacci could get the new chance.

Andrea is well trained and, to the little trouble immediately in the American torunée, has not added any relapses: even before, in the last championship, he had played the last twenty five races on twenty-six. The match on the renewal will be the consequence: the contract expires in the summer and there is the availability for renewal.



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