Manchester United, fee of 5 pounds on bags at Old Trafford: angry fans

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The latest innovation introduced by Manchester United is making a lot of discussion . According to the British newspaper The Sun , the spectators who present themselves at the Old Trafford with bags larger than those allowed, which would refer to a small bag for women, will be forced to deliver it to a deposit, paying the sum of five pounds. The only bags admitted inside the sports facility are those of the United megastore.

Decision that has already triggered a lot of controversy, even if some of the United supporters tried to take it with a smile: “It seems the classic move by the executive vice president to justify the payment of £ 350,000 a week for someone like Sanchez …”, referring to onerous investment of the Chilean attacker.

In fact, behind this choice, there would be reasons related to security and the attempt to streamline the time of control of the stewards before access to the stadium. But not all fans are convinced and many see an attempt by the club to “make money”.



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