Lenovo’s C630 Yoga promises 25 hours of battery life with new Snapdragon 850 chip

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New convertible powered by Qualcomm’s new chip, designed for high performance and autonomy

If the incredible battery life of computers powered by  Qualcomm Snapdragon  intrigues you, you may want to look at the Lenovo Yoga C630 WOS , the first in the series of Lenovo Yoga convertible PCs to use the new Snapdragon 850 chip .

But let’s be clear, the new Lenovo convertible says less about Lenovo and more about the chip in question, which Qualcomm has previously stated, delivering 30% more performance than the previous generation, plus a 20% longer battery life. Both are key figures, since first-generation Snapdragon PCs provided only basic performance for web browsing and office work. But the battery life was impressive: 17 hours in our tests with the Asus NovaGo, which projects for about 21 hours on PCs like Yoga 630.

Qualcomm calls this battery life autonomy for “several days”. Lenovo itself believes that Yoga 630 WOS (for Windows on Snapdragon) can last for 25 hours if properly adjusted. Like the first PCs powered by Snapdragon chips, the C630 runs the Windows 10 S – the Microsoft operating system tuned for long battery life and runs applications without the performance penalties of emulating apps designed for X86 chips. The downside is that in Windows 10 S (or Windows 10 in S Mode), you can not run third-party browsers such as Chrome.

But what about the price? Lenovo will charge from $ 850 for the Yoga 630 WOS, which hits the US market in November. Below we list what we know of the specifications:

Screen : Touch screen with IPS technology of 13.3 inches (1920×1080)

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 850

Graphics: Qualcomm Adreno 630

Memory: 4GB / 8GB LPDDR4X

Storage: 128GB / 256GB UFC 2.1

Ports: 2 USB Type-C (1 supporting Power Delivery and USB 3.0; the other supporting Power Delivery, USB 3.0 and DisplayPort); Fingerprint reader

Battery: more than 25 hours

Dimensions: 51cm wide x 37cm high x 11cm deep. 2.6 pounds

Lenovo does not offer many outlets beyond the basic specs, but that’s probably enough. We expected the C630 WOS Yoga to use Lenovo’s traditional keyboards, and the convertible format would work in a traditional laptop configuration as well as in tent mode. Keep in mind that there are still some uncomfortable appointments you will have to make with applications and their relative performance.  

The basic premise of the Yoga C630 WOS should be the same as all other Snapdragon PCs: excellent battery life, medium performance, some potential problems with applications. It’s the intermediate component that we expect to improve with the Snapdragon 850, achieving “good enough” performance for the traveling traveler, while prioritizing battery life.



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