Lancia Delta Futurist: from the past to the future

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Automobili Amos intervenes on the Delta Evolution, renewing it in the bodywork, in the engine and in the interior. The price? 300,000 euros.

BACK TO A MYTH – The nostalgic of the legendary “Deltone” will have a heart sink by observing the Lancia Delta Futurista , a project developed by Automobili Amos to modernize and revive a classic of Italian motoring: the Delta Integrale , the car that dominated the rallies between 1988 and 1993. Automobili Amos is part of the so-called ” restomod “, highly appreciated by enthusiasts and collectors all over the world. These vintage cars are modernized in almost all their components, to keep them in step with the times: outside the car has an iconic shape, under the most recent technological discoveries. In practice you have the best of both worlds, ancient and modern.

PRECIOUS MATERIALS – Automobili Amos has intervened on the Lancia Delta Integrale eliminating the rear doors and transformed the Lancia Delta Futuristin one of the three doors, so as to stiffen the body (for this purpose a reinforcing structure has been built inside) and to improve the behavior on the road. Apart from this aspect, the Futurist is very similar to the Lancia Delta Integrale of 1998, if not for revised details such as the bumper fascia in carbon fiber, the mask in the same material and the headlights: they are led, but circular in shape and follow the appearance of the original ones. The front wings, the rear wing and the lower part of the tailgate are also made of carbon fiber, unlike the metal mirror supports.

DETAILS FROM SUPERCAR – The interior follows the style of the Lancia Delta Integrale, but even in this case it is the details that make the difference, making the Futurist look much more refined and exclusive: the Automos Amos has upholstered Alcantara sport seats and used new fabrics for the doors, the steering wheel and the cockpit skies. The pedal board is made of aluminum, while the carbon fiber has been used for the central tunnel. The steering wheel has been redesigned and the buttons of the direction indicators and the headlights are inserted in the spokes, with that of the high beam marked with the word “Levati”, referring to those who will not want to let this small bomb pass.

MANY MORE CV – In the hood of the Lancia Delta Futurist there is the well-known 4-cylinder turbo 2.0 engine, developed by Autotecnica and now credited with 330 HP (about 130 more than the original), which together with the weight of 1,250 kg should make the car even faster and faster than the original one. The Automos Amos technicians have also revised the engine control unit, reinforced the gearbox (original), increased the water cooler and overhauled the transmission shaft and the differentials of the four-wheel drive system. The base price of a Futurist is 300,000 euros, but as always on cars of this kind can rise depending on the customizations.



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