It’s leaked again! Nokia 9 and its five back cameras give faces once again on the web

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After a brief appearance in recent leaks , the Nokia 9 and its five rear cameras – alleged feature that drew a lot of attention in the mobile market – have just starred yet another leak.

This time we are talking about something even more interesting: a photo that shows the “real device” being held by someone.

The image, which can be checked below, was published in the ITHome forum and republished in the well-known XDA Developers forum by senior member Hikari_Calyx.

The source of the publication believes that this may actually be the Nokia 10 , but because the “exotic” setup of five cameras is a feature of Nokia 9, it may have been a mess.

This is the first good-quality image of Nokia’s upcoming smartphone, and confirms several rumors surrounding the device’s unique camera setup.

The XDA member who released the image is known to have leaks involving Nokia handsets, so chances are high that we are facing a pre-production model of the laptop.

The Nokia 9 is expected to 2018, and should reach the market bringing Snapdragon 845 processor and digital screen reader, something that added to its five cameras should make it quite attractive.



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