Italy, the three points from which to start: clear ideas and a lot of work

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Roberto Mancini, 53 years old.  LaPresse

Roberto Mancini, 53 years old. LaPresse

After the defeat of the stadium Da Luz against Portugal, Italy sees the specter of the recession in the B League of the Nations League. A point in two games for the Azzurri who, despite the many experiments of the coach Mancini, have never convinced. Following the last performances, here are three points from which the national team should start again.
FIND A TACTICAL IDENTITY – After months of work of 4-3-3 yesterday 4-2-4 popped up that has displaced everyone, including players. In the difficulties there is nothing more comforting than a few certainties to cling to. Lock an idea and work on it.
RESPECT THE NATIONS LEAGUE – Nations League matches are not friendly. They can not be reduced to just tests. Slip into series B would mean crossing the next edition with less noble Nationals, downsizing further.
WITHOUT STARS? WE LEARN FROM PORTUGAL – We have no more stars? Let’s not cry on each other and learn from Portugal that has been able to build a real team that disregards the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo. This is the task that awaits Mancini.
THE NEXT COMMITMENTS – Italy will be back on the field on Sunday, October 14th at the home of Poland and Saturday 17 November at home against Portugal. Two challenges in which the Azzurri will have more minutes on their legs and where Roberto Mancini will have to show he has a clear idea in mind. The two opponents of the Azzurri, however, will compete on October 11 (in Poland) and November 20 (in Portugal).


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