September 23, 2018

Inter, Simeone’s sister: “Sooner or later will train the Nerazzurri”

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Natalia Simeone gave an exclusive interview to our weekly: “The one between” Diego and Inter is a wedding that sooner or later will take place, “he said, and Giuliano, the third son of the technician, is on the launch pad : “He is the strongest of all”

Diego Simeone at the time of Inter.  ap

Diego Simeone at the time of Inter. ap

At home Simeone, last Christmas, under the tree there was a soccer ball with the word “thank you”. A family united and grateful to the god balloon. And within which one calls himself not by name but … with the shirt numbers. Natalia Simeone, agent of the brother Diego, technician of Atletico Madrid, and of the nephew Giovanni, Fiorentina striker, tells a direct line from his office in Buenos Aires. 
Is it difficult for a woman to be an agent? 
“I’m more than an agent, I’m a lawyer, first of all, and saying football is like saying home, I grew up in a family immersed in football, I was first a secretary, then an assistant, then after graduation I started to follow the affairs of Diego together with his representative Settembrini “.
Natalia Simeone with her brother Diego.
Natalia Simeone with her brother Diego.
Natalia Simeone with her brother Diego.
He has two “particular” clients: his brother, in fact, and also his nephew Giovanni. 
“Family customers are the most difficult, while for all the others you are the number one, with Diego, in fact, I have a special relationship, we are three children: he is the biggest, then I come, finally Carla, the most As a child, we used to play football together and Diego never lost … Actually, I let him win … My brother has great respect for my profession, a great trust “. 
But is Diego determined with her as he appears on the bench? 
“We beat too much … (laughs, ed). We are brothers, when there is some question to be solved he would like to say what to do, it is hot ground. He puts his strength in everything, always. In the end, however, on the things that pertain to my work it leaves me to do. ” 
He could leave Atletico Madrid instead you renewed the contract. 
” The passion, in the end, always wins. Diego has been at Atletico Madrid for seven years. He is one of the best trainers in the world, but he stays where he believes there is still work to be done. And I accompanied him if he goes, I follow him. ” n Italy his name is still hot. What do you think about a possible landing place at Inter in the future?

“Sooner or later … Diego said it, I think it will be a matter of time, he likes the place, the environment, live in Milan, Inter is a team that he would love to train. also linked to Lazio “. How is your relationship with Giovanni? Is it more emotional or professional? “He is my first nephew, I have a great affection for him, I am his godmother and I passed on his passion for reading, he is interested in everything, not just football”. Do you ask for advice? “On field issues, no, Diego is always there before me, he’s talking to his dad, he’s the number one for us in these things”. After the period at Genoa he is now in Florence to consecrate himself.

“In the first season with the purple jersey he scored 14 goals, there are not many 9 numbers around with his characteristics, two important offers have arrived, but he is good with Fiorentina”. What was your most difficult negotiation? “Diego’s transfer from Estudiantes to the River Plate did not want to free him, I believe that the ability to achieve results as a footballer’s agent does not depend on being a woman or a man, but at the time dealing with a woman in football was not like now, it was very difficult, but I admit I was good “. Describe your relationship with Italy.

Argentinians and Italians are alike My grandmother was from Roccamonfina in the province of Caserta, she got angry with us when, as a child, she would break her plants playing football, screaming in Italian and biting her hand “. Do you prefer Florence or Milan? “Surely Florence, I really like its culture and the places to see, very beautiful”. What does he do in Buenos Aires besides football?

“I’m very busy, I’m president of the Conmebol Ethics Committee (the South American Football Confederation), a public mediator, a sports lawyer, and every month and a half I travel to Europe, most of my time flying more than in Buenos Aires. My son Francesco, 8 years old, plays as a striker in St. Thomas, the squad of the neighborhood I live in. He’s starting to get really big, I’ll let him go, I want him to be happy, without pressure “. 
Work and family coincide in everything? 
“No. The secret is respect for the parties, I would never say a thing about the team to Diego, it’s not my job, the secret is to separate the work from the family”. Suggest a deal, a young Argentine player, at an Italian club.

“There is a young man who plays at the River Plate, Giuliano Simeone, is 15 years old, is the third son of Diego, but is the best of all, they do play for striker, but it seems more a 7 than a 9” . Should you recommend a book to read to Diego and Giovanni? “My nephew would propose ‘El hombre en busca de sentido’, by Viktor Frankl, because he is looking for the meaning of life … For Diego it is more difficult, can I think about it a little?” .



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