Inter, Lautaro Martinez: “Grateful to Icardi, Zanetti and Milito, we want to make history in the Champions League”

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The striker from Argentina’s withdrawal: “With Mauro a great relationship, and from Milito daily attention, I have not played against Colombia and Guatemala not to force”
Lautaro Martinez, 20, Inter striker. Getty Images

Lautaro Martinez, 20, Inter striker. Getty Images

The help of Mauro Icardi and Javier Zanetti. The “daily” attentions of Milito. The setting in Milan and the excitement for a Champions League that is about to begin. These are intense days for Lautaro Martinez, who since the withdrawal of Argentina makes a first assessment of the first months at Inter in an interview with the Argentinean newspaper Clarin. After an overwhelming preseason (remember the goal at home in Atletico Madrid?), The “Taurus” had to deal with a problem on a calf that kept him out in Bologna and in international
commitments against Colombia and Guatemala.

Far from the field, however, the feeling with the captain Mauro Icardi, Argentinian like him, grew: “With Icardi I’m learning a lot in Italy because it’s been there for a long time and it’s giving me a gigantic hand.I will always thank him.We spend a lot of time together, even out of the camp, we have shared dinners, talks, he’s helping me in my first months in Milan and that’s why we have this good relationship .. I’m very grateful to him Mauro is a person who gives one hundred percent to his teammates. do not argue, there is not much to say “. A bomber to be inspired,

ZANETTI AND MILITO – Precious help also come from Javier Zanetti and Diego Milito, two heroes of the treble : “Javier, like Mauro, helped me in the first days in Milan and also during this period he followed the whole process of my injury. And Milito, even now, when I left Racing, calls me, asks me how I am, is daily attentive to me, I am grateful to him “.
COLIDIO – In the Inter there is another young Argentinian, Facundo Colidio. “I met him when I arrived in Milan: he’s younger than me and he played in Boca, he’s a cheerful guy who’s working hard, there’s not much left in the first team for the preparation, now he’s back with the Primavera and mate, it’s excellent “.

AMBITION – Inter that comes back to the Champions League has important ambitions. Lautaro is optimistic: “We are a team with many new grafts, we are getting to know Spalletti’s ideas and implementing them in the field, we should do it more in the ninety minutes maybe we will continue to work. great matches with Barcelona, ​​Tottenham and PSV Eindhoven, so we will try to do our best to make history, everyone sees it as the “group of death”, but we have to do our best to try and make history “.

MILAN – Milan is a city that has conquered it, but for now Martinez has not had time to visit it as he would like: “I am a quiet person, I like living in this city.” I settled and I always try to rest, eat well and doing things for myself, learning things from a new culture is important to open mind “. Now he is completing his recovery from injury to be ready for recovery: “I wanted to help with the national team, but the doctors and the technical staff decided I could not play because of the problem on my left calf. preferred not to risk, now I think to recover, work for Inter and recover from injury “.



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