Huawei will release “performance mode” for everyone after cheating on tests

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The practice was discovered because the company behind the software works with two versions of the program: one of public knowledge, and another restricted to its employees. As Huawei did not expect this, the fraud was discovered, and the episode got bad for the company, which now tries to go off on the tangent ..

This is because the manufacturer has revealed that it will make available to users of its products a new feature called “performance mode”. It is nothing more than a mode that disables temperature and battery protections, allowing smartphones to reach the full potential offered by hardware in exchange for useful life and battery life.

The novelty will come with EMUI 9.0 , the interface of the company that gives clothing to Android behind its products. As checked by 3DMark, breaking these barriers of thermal safety and autonomy can mean a gain of up to 47% in performance. So it can be useful to users at specific times and very well selected.

It is worth remembering, it is September, the month that the company promised to return to Brazil . According to records from Anatel , we will see here, initially, the P20 Pro and new 3imodels . Both have yet to be released.

And you, what do you think about the company’s tangent exit? Do you think launching the feature will be useful? Tell us in the comments!



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