Hands-on video with Motorola One and One Power shows the similarities with iPhone X

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After being officially announced , the Motorola One and One Power devices bring to market the Android One operating system and a design that has already become routine in 2018, for remembering the iPhone X but with some differentials that make it a kind of version cheap Apple cell phone.

Despite not having differences in the format, the screen of the devices, which have notch, bring different sizes, being in the Moto One a display of 5.9 inches in ratio 18: 9 and the Moto One Power has 6.2 in proportion 19 : 9, which guarantees a lot of space for those who enjoy consuming media in a larger panel without losing quality, since their resolution is HD + and FullHD +, respectively

Taking into account that at the bottom of the screen we only see the name of the company, it is believed that this area could have been removed to reduce the size of the devices, which would even help in the marketing strategy, since the percentage of screen taking the front of the device, visually, would be larger

In the rear there is the digital reader inside the Motorola logo, just as they had already done in the Moto G6 Play , Moto E5 and E5 Plus . The biggest difference between smartphones with Android One is in the cameras, where the company chose to make a model in which the lenses were separated in Moto One, while in One Power they are unified, leaving this second version with the body approaching more than Apple did on the iPhone X.

Taking into account the strategy adopted by Motorola in line One, there is nothing that creates a great differential in the devices in relation to other products produced by the brand. Perhaps One Power stands out by the size of the battery, which is 5,000 mAh, but if there is no optimization of performance, it will end up receiving criticisms in this regard, as happened with the Xiaomi Mi A1 , the first smarphone in the market to use Android One .

Taking into account that the estimated price of these devices is € 299 (~ $ 1,441 in direct conversion), it can be said that it is worth investing 1/3 of the value of an iPhone X and still open a range of customization possibilities that Android offers, even though people who use this purest version fit well with the limitations of iOS.



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