Galaxy S9 and Xperia XZ2 outperform Zenfone 5Z and iPhone 8 in camera and multimedia

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The Xperia XZ2 , ASUS Zenfone 5Z , Samsung Galaxy S9, and Apple iPhone 8 , including capture of images in the most varied environments and also recording , have been asked by many, so it’s time to discover who was the great winner of our comparative of cameras between Sony Xperia XZ2 of videos.

We also unify this complete comparison with our recognized screen and sound test, since it will be possible to know at a single time if the devices, besides being able to generate beautiful scenes, will still be able to display them with the same efficiency in the most varied environments.

Technical specifications
Xperia XZ2 Galaxy S9 Zenfone 5Z iPhone 8
Resolution 19 MP 12 MP 12 MP + 8 MP 12 MP
Opening f / 2.0 f / 1.5 and f / 2.4 f / 1.8 + f / 2.2 f / 1.8
Pixel size 1.22 μm 1.4 μm 1.4 μm + 1.12 μm
Frontal camera 5 MP 
f / 2.2
8 MP 
f / 1.7
8 MP 
f / 2.0
7 MP 
f / 2.2

All photos were taken with the devices in automatic mode and maximum resolution allowed in the ratio 4: 3, which is usually where we reach the full potential of the sensor. With this, the choice to use HDR or any other feature is entirely by the camera software of each model, just as it will be if you go to use it.

Now find out the order of the smartphones used in the test:

  • Smartphone 1: Xperia XZ2
  • Smartphone 2: Zenfone 5Z
  • Smartphone 3: Galaxy S9
  • Smartphone 4: iPhone 8
Sony Xperia XZ2
72 x 153 x 11.1 mm 
5.7 inches – 2160×1080 px
Asus ZenFone 5Z
75.65 x 153 x 7.85 mm 
6.2 inches – 2240×1080 px
Samsung Galaxy S9
68.7 x 147.7 x 8.5 mm 
5.8 inches – 2960×1440 px
Apple iPhone 8
67.3 x 138.4 x 7.3 mm 
4.7 inches – 1334×750 px
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To reach the results that are listed below, we use the following methodology with creation of the individual and final ranking. Each smartphone received a score in each individual comparative, where the sum of all points revealed the winner. The following weights were used:

  • First place: 4 points
  • Second place: 3 points
  • Third place: 2 points
  • Fourth place: 1 point

Basic explanations given, let’s go to the results!

External environment

In an external environment, we see that the 5Z camera delivers better results than the Zenfone 5 camera. Having a more powerful processor actually makes a difference in the final quality of the images.

Overall, the Zenfone 5Z is not due for the flagships of other brands. In some scenarios he has outperformed the Xperia XZ2, which tends to reduce the shutter speed, resulting in very clear photos and loss of detail.

The Galaxy S9 delivers great photos, but of the four handsets was the one that presented more saturated images, leaving many of the scenes with a yellowish aspect. When approaching an object, however, it presented better result than Zenfone and Xperia.

Photo 1
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Photo 2
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Photo 3
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Photo 4
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Photo 5
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Photo 6
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Internal environment

In an internal environment, the Xperia XZ2 ended up downloading a lot of ISO, which resulted in images darker than its rivals, but was able to capture a high level of detail. In this type of scenario, the iPhone 8 is what delivers the hottest colors while the Samsung bets on a cooler white balance.

The Zenfone 5Z delivers clearer photos, but also with lower contrast, which gives the impression of a more washed image. Due to this, it is also possible to perceive a higher level of noise, especially in more distant objects. Here the iPhone 8 delivers a good balance of brightness, contrast and detail in the photos.

Photo 7
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Photo 8
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Photo 9
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In a dimly lit environment is where we see that the camera of the Zenfone 5Z presents the same weaknesses of the less powerful model of Asus. The unit tries to force a lighter image, but results in photos with a high level of lump. Here the fight for the best photo is the Xperia XZ2 and the Galaxy S9.

In a landscape with a wider landscape, we see that Sony and Samsung smartphones deliver the darkest and highest saturated image. The iPhone 8 was the most balanced, despite sacrificing the contrast. At least it is possible to see more details without abusing many noises in the image.

Photo 10
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Photo 11
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Photo 12
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Asus has been promising an upgrade to the national Zenfone 5Z model. Among the improvements expected is an optimization of the front camera, as happened in the Zenfone 5. For now, the device delivers selfies with a bursting background, leaving the whole photo white.

Here, ironically, is where the Xperia XZ2 stands out most. He delivered the best balance between color and white balance, while not generating an artificial selfie as seen in the Galaxy S9. The iPhone 8 was the one that presented the second best selfie of our comparative, but has a very limited field of vision.

Photo 13
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Photo 14
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Photo 15
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Final score

Summing up all the scenarios, we had:

  • Xperia XZ2: 359 points
  • Zenfone 5Z: 392 points
  • Galaxy S9: 399 points
  • iPhone 8: 350 points


The Zenfone 5Z even does well in photos, but in videos it sins as much as the Zenfone 5. Here is where we see the Galaxy S9 surpasses its rivals, as can be seen in our video analysis at the top of the page.

The iPhone 8 is the only one of the four handsets that captures mono audio. The Xperia XZ2 delivers a higher-pitched sound, while the Galaxy S9 records more bass. The Zenfone 5Z is in the middle, but it picks up more wind noise than the other devices in our test.

Screen and sound

View Original

The Galaxy S9 is the only one with AMOLED screen of our comparative, while the others bet on IPS LCD panel. The Samsung model offers more saturated colors by default, but the user can regulate this in the screen settings.

All models deliver optimum image quality, but in the outside environment, the Galaxy S9 and Xperia XZ2 stand out because of their superior brightness, which helps them to see the content on the screen more comfortably.

In sound, all models bet on dual-speaker with stereo audio. The Zenfone 5Z delivers the most powerful sound, yet the Galaxy S9 delivers the highest quality. Thirdly we have the Xperia XZ2, which despite not having such loud sound, plays the audio in the user’s direction, giving greater immersion in movies and games. While the iPhone 8 is what the least stands out.

Maximum brightness with black image

  • Xperia XZ2: 3 lux
  • Zenfone 5Z: 3 lux
  • Galaxy S9: 0 lux *
  • iPhone 8: 2 lux

Minimum brightness with black image

  • Xperia XZ2: 0 lux
  • Zenfone 5Z: 0 lux
  • Galaxy S9: 0 lux *
  • iPhone 8: 0 lux

* Models with AMOLED or Super AMOLED screen actually turn off the pixels when displaying a black image, which means that we have blacks with complete absence of light, something that does not happen in IPS LCD devices.

Maximum brightness with white image

  • Xperia XZ2: 852 lux
  • Zenfone 5Z: 638 lux
  • Galaxy S9: 709 lux
  • iPhone 8: 641 lux

Minimum brightness with white image

  • Xperia XZ2: 7 lux
  • Zenfone 5Z: 5 lux
  • Galaxy S9: 2 lux
  • iPhone 8: 6 lux


The Zenfone 5Z delivers great camera for the price charged. Due to the more complete platform, image processing is more efficient, delivering better photos than Zenfone 5. The quality of the videos, however, stays on the same level – especially in low-light environments.

The Galaxy S9 is what saturates the most colors and delivers the most artificial selfies. The Xperia XZ2 does well in many scenarios, but its great highlight goes to the front camera, which recorded the best selfies overall. The iPhone 8 records photos with good level of detail, but the white balance and the contrast level sometimes does not go as desired.

In videos, the Galaxy S9 comes out ahead of competitors, even more to deliver a more complete manual mode. On screen and sound, Samsung does very well and Sony is not far behind. The Zenfone 5Z delivers the same picture and audio quality as the Zenfone 5.

If we stop to weigh the pros and cons of each, without a doubt the Zenfone 5Z offers a more balanced set for the price charged. Of course you will have a more complete smartphone with the Galaxy S9, but you will have to pay a lot more for it. The Xperia XZ2 offers a good set, but also for a high price. Of the four, what stands out the least is the iPhone 8.

And you, what do you think of the gadgets? Do you agree with our verdict? Do not forget to comment below!

  • The Asus ZenFone 5Z is available at Extra for R $ 2,551 . The cost-benefit is average but this is the best model in this price range .
  • The Sony Xperia XZ2 is available in Zoom for R $ 3,265 and in Americanas for R $ 4,329 . The cost-benefit is average but this is the best model in this price range .
  • The Samsung Galaxy S9 is available at Casas Bahia for R $ 2,879 . The cost-benefit is average and this is the best model in this price range .
  • The Apple iPhone 8 is available in the Submarine for $ 2,991 . The cost-benefit is average but this is the best model in this price range .


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