Galaxy Note 9 may soon gain function to disable Bixby

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Released in early August , in addition to its high-end hardware and beautiful design, the Galaxy Note 9 features a physical button dedicated exclusively to Bixby, Samsung’s virtual assistant

Not being remapped to another function or even deactivated , the fact that the South Korean giant’s new top-of-mind brings more sensitive buttons than in previous generations has generated a certain nuisance in some users, who end up activating the assistant in moments more inopportune. However, this, according to a tweet from Samsung Germany, may be about to end. Check below.

Image: Reproduction / Sammobile

As can be seen in the sequence of tweets above, the social network user @Samsung_News_ makes a complaint about the button: ” I really like Samsung, but please let us remap or disable this button (referring to the reserved for Bixby) “- in free translation.

So, to everyone’s delight, Samsung of Germany responds, in free translation: ” Hello Max, we are working on this. Disabling the Bixby button on the lock screen should return by the end of September . “

Although the company citation says that the option to deactivate will only occur in the lock screen, it is expected that this function will be expanded to all other screens of the system. The fact is that Samsung should have brought this option as a native, however, the decision not to allow remapping or even deactivation may have been taken consciously, with the intention of compelling users to at least try to use to Bixby , since she reportedly received several improvements.

And you, what do you think of Samsung’s virtual assistant? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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