Galaxy Note 9, iPhone X, LG G7 and OnePlus 6 face off for the best photo

With high-end technical specifications and a new S-Pen stuffed with new features, Samsung brought in the handset a main rear camera set much like the one seen on the Galaxy S9 Pluswith two 12-megapixel sensors, variable f / 1.5 f / 2.4 in the wide-angle lens and f / 2.4 aperture in the second lens, a telephoto.

However, will this set be enough to ” hit the front ” with some of the smartphones with the best cameras on the market? That’s what the PhoneArena website team has tried to discover by comparing Samsung’s newest top-line to major competitors such as iPhone X , LG G7 and OnePlus 6 . Check out the comparative below.

Scene 1

Starting with the supposedly easier catches, those with excellent light conditions, the first four photos bring the pond to a park. Apparently all the images have the same quality, with only minimal differences as to the saturation of the colors. However, it is possible to note that only OnePlus 6 was able to capture the blue of the sky behind the trees.

Captures with 100% zoom – Picture: PhoneArena

Getting to the details, the image above brings clippings of the four captures with 100% zoom. It is possible to notice that both iPhone X and Note 9 deal best with details, followed by OnePlus 6 and LG G7.

Dinner 2

In the second scene, the objective was to see how faithfully the devices could capture very clear images and saturated colors. With this, although all the photographs have good levels of detail and are very beautiful, according to the team responsible for the test, the photo that best represented the colors of the real environment was taken by the iPhone X.

Dinner 3

Although one does not know if OnePlus uses Face Detection algorithms to balance the exposure of photos or even implements a ” hidden ” HDR module , in the third scene, the person who was able to show the face of the model better was the smartphone of company. All three other competitors, on different scales, showed results where the face of the character in the photo became darker.

Dinner 4

Already in scene four, the last in good light, the ” naked eye ” differences are minimal – like the smaller field of view of the LG G7 cameras.

Captures with 100% zoom – Picture: PhoneArena

However, when zooming in on the photos, it is noticeable that the LG smartphone does not lose just how much the subject is its field of vision. The definition of details is the worst among competitors. At this stage of the test, the highlight once again is OnePlus 6, followed very closely by iPhone X and Note 9, not necessarily in that order.

Dinner 5

Arriving finally in the preferred part of some, we left for the scenes with low light. You can see how the Samsung handset can deliver the best of its captures – perhaps because of its variable-aperture sensors, with artificially balanced lights, preserving the details, even allowing you to see the silhouette of the trees against the night.

Dinner 6

According to PhoneArena, making the appropriate capture of this scene is more difficult than it appears to be. This, because while the interior of the restaurant is dimly lit, its sign is getting strong lighting, which makes the need to clearly display all the information a real challenge.

Because of this, it can be said that OnePlus 6 is responsible for the best photo, since we can see the sign of the establishment with practically the same clarity as its interior. iPhone X and Galaxy Note 9, in turn, delivered results quite similar, sacrificing the display of the entry plate by the interior details of the environment. Already the G7 has delivered an image so dark that it is virtually impossible to distinguish the entrance of the restaurant.

Dinner 7

In this scene, according to the site, the OnePlus 6 delivered a very bluish and ” cold ” image, the iPhone X presented to ” too hot ” result with more yellowish tones, and the LG G7 was not able to convince thanks to the colors somewhat unrealistic. Here, despite not having presented a perfect result, who gave the best capture was Note 9, not only the colors but also the details.

Price 8

In scene eight, some of the characteristics of the last capture are noted once more, like the bluer tone used by the OnePlus device. In this photo, the highlight goes again to the Samsung smartphone, which managed to deliver a result with well-balanced colors, but jumping to the eye, and a retraction of lighting that closely resembles reality – you can see that unlike that seen in others captures, only the photo of Note 9 managed to represent the neon located to the left with precision, without bursting.

With all the photos presented by the site during the comparisons, we can say that regardless of the smartphone chosen, the user will have in his pocket a camera at least excellent. The set in the Galaxy Note 9 is undoubtedly better part of the scenes captured at night, but incredible as it may seem, found in the OnePlus 6, a smartphone that costs practically half the price , its biggest competitor.

As it is a device launched last year, it is admirable the result delivered by the iPhone X, which presented an excellent level of detail in the photos taken during the day. The good performance of the smartphone from Apple makes us imagine what the company is about to bring of novelty during the official announcement of its new devices on September 12, the day after tomorrow.

When it came to the G7 , despite bringing good sensors and delivering an admirable quality in its captures, LG’s device, when compared to its competitors, was undoubtedly the one that presented the least satisfactory results.

And you, think which smartphone got the best comparative? Leave your opinion in the comments.



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