Galaxy F is behind! Video hands-on shows folding smartphone Boe company

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And arose today, Twitter, video hands-on showing a foldable smartphone, but quiet is not theGalaxy F . This is the model with the same system adopted by Samsung, but produced by the company Boe . Although it is a short video, it is possible to have a sense of how this folding system that the manufacturers intend to adopt will work

For those who do not remember, at the end of last year rumors pointed out that Boe would be investing heavily to replace Samsung in supplying OLED panels to Apple , which would make the iPhone X become cheaper. However, it seems that the company is aiming higher and wants to overthrow the South Korean using the same technological trump card as her: creating devices with foldable screen.

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Foldable phones are coming! 👏

This is BOE foldable display demo (5.99″ FHD+)

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In the video, you can see that the screen is 5.99-inch in FullHD + resolution and 18: 9 aspect ratio, but with at least a half centimeter of edges at the top and bottom, possibly to ensure that there are no slots in the display or the front camera when folding is performed.

When folding the smartphone, it is visible that the company has made a division in the body of the device in a way slightly different from the renderings that we have seen in the device of Samsung, placing the cameras in the upper part, as usual, and the reader the other half of the room, which may make it easier to unlock if you take into account the size of the phone.

There is no information on the model name yet, but apparently Boe will launch the device before Samsung’s flexible edition hits the market, which can happen in November if we take into account recent rumors .

And, dear reader, will the company hit the strategy and bring a great competitor to the Galaxy F? Reply there in the comments!



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