Gabigol: “Santos is my home, I do not know what went wrong at Inter”

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The striker, who has returned to Brazil on loan, talks about the Nerazzurri experience: “I can not say whether I have failed in European football or not, I have not played enough”

He had arrived at Inter as a great promise, with a nickname that made the Nerazzurri fans dream. Gabigol, just twenty years old, had already won the Paulista championship with Santos for two consecutive seasons, and was also ready to explode in Europe, at the court of Frank de Boer, with the weight of 30 million euros that were served to get it out of South America. The experience in reality was not the best. “Difficult to understand what went wrong” – reveals the Brazilian himself to the newspaper “A Tribuna” – “I really like the fans, the comrades with me were kind and everyone in the city stopped me. Perhaps the team at that moment needed more than what I could give “.
DE BOER – “I respect De Boer very much, he was a person I talked a lot” – continued Gabriel Barbosa – “He pushed me to want me in Inter, I do not respond to the criticism he made in the past, I want advice constructive. ” But there is also a pungent comment to the former coach: “I’m not going to change just because he did not like certain attitudes, I prefer to listen to who is with me every day, not strangers …”.
MATURATION – After the experience at Inter, with which there was a good relationship, there was the opportunity (then vanished) to move to Spain, before returning to Santos, his home, on loan from the Nerazzurri: ” I can say whether I failed in European football or not, I did not play enough. At one point I could go to Las Palmas, but I did not consider it a good path to follow for my career. At Santos I’m fine, it’s my home: I feel a lot, both as a person and as a footballer “. In this sense, the loan before Benfica was also important: “Among the best teams in Portugal, if not the best. Living in another country has served for the maturation process “.


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