Friendlies, Chievo, Lazio and Genoa win. Sampdoria beaten by Spezia

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Even without the championship, stopped for the commitments of the Nations League national team, the top league teams have wanted to play a whole game not to lose the pace. Friendly matches played by Chievo, Lazio, Genoa and Sampdoria . These reports:

CHIEVO – Friendly morning for the clivensi who at 11 took to the field to challenge the Triestina beaten with a score of 3-0. The friendly match played in Veronello saw Chievo maneuvering fluently and signed three goals with Pellissier on a penalty spot in the 44th minute, Leris – author of a Eurogol – on 9 ‘st and Stepinski with a tap-in on 39’ st. The team halberd played a first fraction excellent grazing the goal  with Granoche and once with Coletti on a free kick. Then Chievo came out and put his opponent in trouble, especially in the second half, where he managed to finish in two circumstances. 



Marcatori: 44 ‘Pellissier (rig.), 56’ Leris, 85 ‘Stepinski

Chievo Verona : Sorrentino (1’st Seculin), Tomovic (37’st Tanasjievic), Rossettini (1’st Bani), Barba, Jaroszynski; Bertagnoli (1’st Burruchaga), Radovanovic, Leris; Pucciarelli; Meggiorini (21’st Djordjevic), Pellissier (1’st Stepinski). Coach: Lorenzo D’Anna.

Triestina : Boccanera, Formiconi (21’st Staffé), Malomo, Lambrughi (37’st Codromaz), Sabatino; Maracchi (40’st Bolis), Coletti (29’st Bariti), Beccaro (25’st Procaccio), Bracaletti (17’st Mensah), Petrella, Granoche. Coach: Massimo Pavanel.


LAZIO – Friendly test for the Capitoline team, without national teams, at the Formello sports center. The biancocelesti have faced the Lupa Roma, training that militates in the Serie D championship, and despite the absences have closed in goleada. The race was played with two forty minutes each. Worthy of note is the hat-trick of Patric, who closed the contest and fixed the final result on 13-1 which brings with him several positive indications for Simone Inzaghi, net of the category difference between the two teams.



Scorers: 15 ‘, 41’ Basta (L), 19 ‘penalty, 32’ Caicedo (L), 24 ‘Correa (L), 36’ Wallace (L), 40 ‘Leiva (L), 41’, 49 ‘ Parolo (L), 51 ‘, 77’, 79 ‘Patric (L), 69’ Piano M. (R), 76 ‘Rossi (L)

Lazio (3-5-2):  Proto (41 ‘Guerrieri); Wallace (50 ‘Jorge Silva), Acerbi, Radu (41’ Patric); Enough (50 ‘Baxevanos), Luis Alberto (41’ Lulic), Leiva (41 ‘Parolo), Cataldi, Durmisi (45’ Rossi); Correa, Caicedo. All. Simone Inzaghi.

Lupa Roma (3-5-2):  Bad weather (41 ‘Gori); Loiali (59 ‘Piano M.), Romeo (41’ Cacciotti), Negro (59 ‘Ranieri); Perocchi (59 ‘Piano S.), Capuozzo (41’ Frattesi), Prati (59 ‘Bianchi), Ansini (59’ Logello), Fé (59 ‘Di Franco); Tomaselli (59 ‘Rebecchini), Cuscianna (59’ Tocci). All Marco Amelia.

Referee:  Buzzi


GENOA-The Genoa is back today at Moccagatta to bring the series A to Alexandria: football day with the meeting between two stories of typhony always united by strong and affectionate ties. As forecasts, it was eleven Ballardini who won without Sandro, Romulo, Dalmonte and Spolli, who trimmed four goals against Alessandria without suffering. Ballardini in the first half deployed Marchetti between the posts, defending with Gunter, Lopez, Pereira, in midfield Biraschi, Mazzitelli, Rolon and Lazovic, Bessa midfielder with Medeiros and Lapadula. In the second half, other changes with Vodisek immediately for Marchetti, the entry of Lakicevic and Omeonga for Biraschi and Lazovic. Report: in the second half of Prestia, the gray defender sends a cross from Liguria in his door. Of Medeiros on a free-kick the doubling of the 23 ‘and 35’ tris with Mazzitelli who beats the home goalkeeper with a precise diagonal. . Poker signed him Pereira on 58 ‘. Lapadula instead continues to remain dry. Before the kick-off, minute of recollection for the tragedy of the Morandi bridge and with the home players who wore a tapestry in honor of the victims on the eve of Ferragosto, a strong testimony of Alessandria to the city of Genoa.


SAMPDORIA – The eighth edition of the “Mattia e Ilaria” Trophy went to La Spezia. In the challenge of the friendly flavor of “Picco”, Sampdoria beaten with a score of  2-1 . Barreto has unlocked the result for the blucerchiati on 16 ‘, then the home owners take the upper hand: the goals of Okerere and Galabinov (on penalty) sign the comeback already in the first half. No alarm, however, for the Doria that went on the field with 14 weight absences deploying a largely reworked formation. A applause anyway to Spezia as shown in the 90 minutes. To triumph, however, was solidarity, the real purpose of the match: in favor of the families of the victims of the collapse of Ponte Morandi, have been collected about  16 thousand euro .



Markers : for 16 ‘Barreto, 34’ Okereke, 44 ‘rig. Galabinov

SPICE (4-3-3) : Lamanna (from 41 ‘st Manfredini); De Col, Terzi, Giani (from 33 ‘st Gudjohnsen), Augello; Bartolomei (from 1 ‘st Mora), Ricci, Crimi (from 33’ st Maggiore); Okereke (from 1 ‘st Pierini), Galabinov (from 33’ st Capradossi), Bidaoui (from 1 ‘st Gyasi). Available : Barone, De Francesco, Bastoni, Vignali, Figoli. Coach : Marino.

SAMPDORIA (4-3-1-2) : Rafael; Rolando, Ferrari (from 15 ‘st Leverbe), Colley, Tavares; Sala, Peeters, Barreto (from 33 ‘st Ejjaki); Caprari; Quagliarella (from 1 ‘st Ramirez), Defrel (from 27’ st Bahlouli). Available : Raspa, Giordano, Maggioni, Sorensen, Canovi, Maglie. Coach : Giampaolo.

REFEREE : Piscopo di Imperia. Assistants : Rossi from La Spezia and Schirru from Nichelino.

NOTE: recupero 0′ p.t e 0′ s.t.



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