September 18, 2018

Fenati: “I lost my mind but I did not want to hurt him … Future … Maybe I will not come back”

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Romano after the gestaccio on Manzi and the double torpedo, from his current team and the MV for 2019: “He in the escape route has aimed at throwing me out and my gesture was to tell him to stop, certainly not to kill him. context the penalty of the stewards and I understand the fury of Castiglioni: I was wrong and I did not have to behave like that “

Romano Fenati.  Getty

Romano Fenati. Getty

“I’ll tell you in the third person, as if you were a spectator watching the scene from outside: Romano Fenati was a jerk to react to a series of provocations”. It is now late at night, when Fenati answers the phone. “How am I doing?” A very hard and endless day, after a black Sunday like the flag exposed by the race direction for that ugly and unjustifiable gesture towards Stefano Manzi, coming close to causing a fall that could have had disastrous results. A day started with a Facebook post where he even wrote: “I was not a man!”. 
TWO RACES – The stewards of the San Marino GP – the race director, Mike Webb, flanked by Bill Cumbow and Patrick Coutant – on Sunday afternoon had disqualified him for two races, Aragon and Thailand, also penalizing Manzi with a relegation of 6 places on the grid next GP. But yesterday, what did not do the sport justice did the justice of the paddock: no kind of absolution or justification for Fenati, rather a condemnation without appeal. So, after having seen the contract signed by a couple of weeks with the Forward-MV Agusta team, yesterday, here is also the immediate effect of the Snipers team, with which this year it made its debut in Moto2 after an excellent season in Moto3, vicecampione behind the Spaniard Joan Mir.
Fenati, can you explain how it came to your mind? 
“My blood went to my head, I had a thousand adrenaline and I fucked up after several provocations”. 
Manzi said she wanted to kill him. 
“Hello … How can you say such a thing?” Mine was more the gesture of someone who wanted to say: “Stop it, look, if I want I’ll drop you” “. 
What happened before that gesture? 
“First there was a contact between us in a disconnected, that’s what we saw in the TV images, but it did not end there, I was on the run-off and he looked at me and aimed at throwing me out.” 
IMAGES – Of this episode, the images were not transmitted, available to the race direction, which in fact in the meeting with the two drivers highlighted the incorrect behavior of Manzi, despite the pilot of the Forward team (which next year should have being a companion of Fenati) has tried to defend himself by saying that he involuntarily hit Romano because of the loss of the front. Version denied by the movies instead. As well as – should be pointed out for the record and in any case without mitigating the extreme gravity of the gesture – it is impossible that the slightest touch of Fenati on the brake lever caused a pressure of 20 bar (against the 9 usually exercised) as stated by the same Manzi in the press conference at the end of the race. When Michele Pirro this
Romano, the stewards had punished him with two disqualification matches. 
“And it was a right decision, which I absolutely do not allow myself to contest, just as I do not context what my mother tells me or could you tell me a carabiniere.” Each of us was judged differently, it would have been absurd to give both same sanction, my gesture has been much more serious, a bad reaction, and it is right to pay for our mistakes “. 
She is famous for having a blood type. 
“There is no one who always manages to keep calm, who never does something stupid, it would be a super good, and if so, I would not ride a motorcycle but I would have entered the clergy.A moment of madness can sometimes happen, enough look also at what happens in football, but I repeat, I was wrong, I did not have to behave like that. ” 
Will try to look for Manzi, to talk to him, clear up, maybe even ask you excuse? 
“At this moment I prefer not to expose myself”. 
The Snipers team fired her with immediate effect. 
“Until this morning (yesterday, editor’s note) there was no talk of dismissal, but I can understand, just as I regret that Giovanni Castiglioni is now in a rage, but I understand that, and Cuzari believed in this project”.
Is Fenati’s career at this point over? 
“I do not know, today I could say something, and maybe tomorrow I’ll see it in the opposite way … Now I just want to get this thing off me.” “I could not even want to come back.”


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