Euroleague, Della Valle and the other rookies to watch

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Last European season was the consecration for the exteriors passed in the summer at the Olimpia Milano. With Reggio Emilia scored 17.5 points, adding 3.2 rebounds and 3.1 assists, numbers that earned him a place in the first quintet of the last EuroCup. At the age of 25 he is at the height of his maturity and will compete at the highest level in Europe in a team that has just inserted two players of great personality and talent like Mike James and Nemanja Nedovic.

In the super positive season of Trento he was one of the great protagonists, also for how he managed to be decisive in important moments, both in Serie A (14.3 points, 34.3% from three, in 41 races), and in Europe (11.7 points, 3.1 rebounds, 2.3 assists in 14 EuroCup races). The offensive talent is not lacking, in the small wing in the Euroleague it will be against athletes of the highest level. It comes from two seasons in Europe where it has grown exponentially.

187 matches in NBA are the visiting card of the Canadian exterior, just 24 years old, last two seasons at the Lakers (7.7 points, with 38.9% from three, in 17.8 minutes in 2016-17). Will replace in the roster of the Fenerbahce Brad Wanamaker, will have in Kostas Sloukas, in the same role of playmaker, a shoulder of enormous reliability. But Ennis has all the qualities to become one of the decisive players in Europe: he has offensive skills, but also the ability to put in rhythm, offensively, the teammates and play the pick and roll continuously.

JORDAN MICKEY – KHIMKI MOSCOWThe Russians have fished in Nba a player with great potential to strengthen the long department. Mickey in the last 3 seasons has played 68 races with Boston Celtics and last year with the Miami Heat, with which he scored 4 points and took 3.6 rebounds in 23 games. It is a strong wing with large arms opening, solid defense and rebound, but also dangerous in attack. He will be one of the key players in the Khimki season, one of the 8 teams qualified for the last Euroleague playoffs.

The strong wing of 1988 will be the spearhead of the Montenegrin team, qualifying for the Euroleague thanks to the victory of the Adriatic League. He was chosen with the number 14 at the 2009 Draft, he played 276 games in NBA with the jerseys of Phoenix, Orlando, Lakers, Cleveland, New York and Brooklyn. He has great experience and comes from an excellent two-year period in Turkey with Besiktas: last year in 16 Champions League games he scored 13.8 points and took 5.6 rebounds.



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