Euro League: Italy, also beat Ukraine! It is final with Spain

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The extra-time victory just like against Russia in the previous match. The dream has come true, now the final act against the Iberians

The dream has become reality. Italy is in the final of the Euro Beach Soccer League 2018. The Italian national team of Emiliano Del Duca beats 6-5 all’extra-time Ukraine and wins Group B, finishing with three wins in as many races after the 5- 4 on Belarus on Thursday and 6-5 on extra-time against Russia on Friday. The executioner of the Ukrainians, as usual, is the bomber Gabriele Gori, who with a poker drags the ItalBeach to the final. In the final act, scheduled for tomorrow, Italy will face Spain, winner of Group A after 4-3 on Portugal (in the decisive race between two teams that were at full points). The Iberians have won the European Championship 5 times (1999, 2000, 2001, 2003 and 2006).
THE RACE – It seems all downhill for the team of Del Duca, who takes the lead on 10 ‘of the first half with a monstrous number of Gabriele “Tin-Tin” Gori. The bomber viareggino harpooned a ball thrown by the goalkeeper Del Mestre, putting it in the opposite corner. Double up Zurlo on penalties, but the Ukrainians do not give up. Khyzhniak scored twice, but Gori broke out with two more goals, assisted by Di Palma, who scored. On 5-2, at the end of the day, everything seems finished. Instead, Italy relaxes and Ukraine – already eliminated from Group B – is back in the game with the double of Makeiev, before drawing on a penalty. Alghero experiences a drama, because losing (after Russia’s victory over Belarus) would mean not going to the final. But at extra-time, as always, that phenomenon of Gori thinks about it. It is 6-5, like yesterday against Russia.


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