Epic Games begins releasing the beta of Fortnite for Pixel 2 and other smartphones

In addition to Samsung , Epic Games has announced that it will begin the test phase of Fortnite Mobile on other Android devices, which leads us to believe that the official release for the operating system is coming and going. The devices of this second phase of beta release are: Google Pixel 2 , Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S and other devices that received the notification of the producer

The game Fortnite has been available for iOS for a long time and since then Epic Games has been suffering from the pressure from Android users to give an opinion as to when the game will officially charge all devices. However, the company has noticed some problems that hinder the performance that the game needs to have to ensure a fair game for all.

Another point that is being studied is the fact that the hardware of the flagships, which are more likely to be compatible with it, are facing several bugs. Since launching the first tests in partnership with Samsung, bringing the Fortnite Mobile installer to Galaxy S8 , S8 Plus , S9and S9 Plus , the TodoCelular team has downloaded and realized that only the S line launched in 2018 allowed the exploration of the graphics in their maximum capacity (Epic), while those of 2017 were only in the medium.

In addition, the company decided to stop the game at 30 frames per second on Android devices, but this does not affect the flow of character in more intense activities on the battlefield, not to mention that it may be a way for the company to verify how the game will behave on mobile phones with less processing power.

Taking into account all the work behind the custom operating system interface, it is likely that Epic Games is testing the ones most widely used around the world to ensure that in others the game will not give so much headache at the time of implementation . The benefit of beta release on a larger scale is that, despite being tested on smartphone tops, user feedback will help make Fortnite Mobile even better, approaching or even surpassing the quality of the iOS version.



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